Please join in supporting drivers so we can get rid of this new surge testing and unfair practices

Hello everyone. With recent events tonight is our first Uber Driver Blackout. There is power in numbers. We are asking drivers to turn off their apps and do not do airport pickups from 7 pm - 8 pm tonight. Please use Lyft or take a break. We appreciate all drivers, and especially those that help get this turned around.

I don’t know, but ya’ll need to all get together and do that during a panthers game. I’ll totally be the rebel and take the surge while ya’ll picket.

Oh good lord. The customer does not care how badly Uber pays or treats us. They are not making up the difference because they feel bad. They tip because of service, safety, conversation, quality of ride, and cleanliness.

And yes, from any driver’s perspective…all other drivers would be the problem. The more of you there are, the less ride requests I will get, the less surge will come into play. Now, would you like to disagree that competition brings down your pay?

Where was the help when it started in Charlott and we ask for the same before it got anywhere else.

But that doesn’t really seem like enough to make a difference? 1 hour just for the airport?

Last night was horrible! I accepted every single damn Uber ride as I kept trying to drive towards the surges that appeared close by to me at any given time and inevitably every single time Uber always gave me a non surge ride that would take me further away from The Surge! Because now if you decline any non surge rides on the way to a surge you get excluded from surge rides! So last night they pulled a really smart one on me had me go to a strip club at 1:30 in the morning when I realized that was where I was going I cancelled the ride and said forget it! I’m not driving some perv home for a false hope of hopefully being able to get some surge rides that they keep dangling around! Uber is just flat-out evil that’s it!

Ever notice how it will surge all around you soon as you get to a surging area the map will refresh and suddenly it’s not surging where your at any more

everyone else can go protest and I’ll still be doing rides. Hell that would cause a nice fat surge here. :joy::joy::joy:

better accept every single ride that comes your way because the way they have it setup now is if you don’t accept rides when you’re not in the Surge and you’re near the surge or on the way to the surge then they disqualify you from any surge rides after that and the way it went down for me last night is they just kept on exploiting my willingness to accept every single ride they turned my way every single ride was outside the Surge and took me further away from The Surge every single time! And then they gave me some rides that were really bad very late at night one was a strip club and then there was another one that was in a really really bad area a drug area and it was a five-star person who most likely probably never even use the app before so it was somebody we’re not familiar with yet and those are were two situations where I just did not feel comfortable taking and accepting the ride which completely then disqualified me from any surge at all! And some women May come back and respond to this like there’s some kind of a bad ass and be like well I wouldn’t have any problem with going to a strip club to drive people home at all well I used to have friends who are strippers and I know that there are a lot of dangerous men who go in those places and then they get all riled up and aroused being in there and then they’re drunk and the idea of those people getting in my car alone with me in the middle of the night I just won’t do it therefore I think the way that Uber has set up the surge is really unfair so a woman in the middle of the night who’s trying to practice discretion on some of her rides to stay safe is being penalized from being able to have surge rides that’s not right. Not only that even with men there maybe scenarios where they rightfully do not accept a ride maybe it’s someone with a extremely low score which tells them that’s going to be a problem did individual maybe somebody’s got piss all over their pants and they don’t want PISSED all over their car there are legitimate reasons for people not accepting rides at times or canceling rides and that should not disqualify them from surge rides it’s really not right the way they have this setup!

I put on XL rides only when I’m moving towards the surge. It’s the perk of not having to do x only rides.

As for pickling up at a gentleman’s club, to each their own. I do it every weekend but I’m not worried about them. Sober people are a bigger pain in my ass

check out this video on YouTube by the APPTREPRENEUR guy. He explains it perfectly and he also explains how it will affect XL drivers.

This is why Uber and Lyft do what they do…they know drivers ain’t gonna stand together…just ridicule those who are willing. But if it does change something you dumb asses benefit also…bitches…yea I said it who gonna check me…I will be offline during those times because I stand with fellow drivers who understand this whole industry depends on the drivers…the rest of you guys are pussies…

that’s how it was here until they just changed it just wait until it gets to you guys you’ll see exactly what we’re talking about it’s pretty bad the way they have it set up is you cannot drive to the surge with your app off because they will not show you the surge unless the app is on and then while you’re driving to the surge if you decline any rides any non surge rides then they withhold surge rides from you going forward for that evening or day or whatever and that’s what I’m trying to say I was experiencing last night I was accepting all rise like I was supposed to but then until I got two rides that I just absolutely did not feel comfortable with and I felt like I had to cancel them my intuition was telling me not to take those rides for safety reasons and that should not penalize me and keep me from surge rides for the rest of the evening I don’t think that’s right

Turn app off, drive to where the surge is, turn back on. I dunno, for me I would select XL only and just go. Not sure if that would work but I’d try it

Friday’s is usually the advertise day for groups or anything else. But I’ll let this stay today. Best of luck everyone

So who’s paying my bills… Sorry no blackout for me. And feel free to not drive… Just more passengers for the ones who are driving!

We just don’t stick together in this world. Every person for themselves. It’s only 1 darn hour! Wow, y’all can’t just log off for 1 darn hour!?!? All you have to do is take a break for 1 hour, sit by the water, have a bit to eat, reflect, meditate. God lee!!

so let me ask you a question.

When you buy something for $200 but it only cost $4 to make, how come you don’t try go change that model?

it should be changed when you buy an iPhone X that they charge $1k for but only costs $350 to make while the people making them commit suicide or live in desperation because they get paid nothing in comparison

And who’s gonna pay MY bills? Its all about me me me in this world. It’s only one darn hour!! Its for the greater cause. Some people have peanuts for brains. If 1 hour hurts you financially you’re in trouble.