Please everyone be careful in the west end area picking up a female name but it's a male passenger


(Melinda Foster) #1

Hey Lyft/Uber family. I just wanted to follow up with you all. Lyft has reactivated my account. The account that was used seemed to be a fraudulent account. Lyft is working hand and hand with the police to cover all bases and make sure who this person is, they can be identified.

Details: black male, in his mid-30s, top teeth are straight and his bottom teeth as pushed together. ( You get my drift). He has tattoos on both his arms, and a name tat on his left neck. He is a dark skin males and that’s all I have. If I was to see him again, i could definitely point him out.

The name he used was Nicole-Ashleigh …

Thank you for all the PMs, good vibes and messages. I have a dash cam on its way.

Please everyone be safe, watch your surroundings, and report it!!! Our safety is more important than making this money! Good day loves!!!

(Jonathan Green) #2

These few days have hurt my pockets since I was doing this full time until I find another job BUT I definitely needed it to get my mind together and move forward.

(Peter Nelson) #3

Just a reminder for everyone…Uber and Lyft policy is not the same thing as law. You cannot be arrested for breaking policy. Make sure that dash cam has good low light vision on the interior. Many do not.

(Harold Young) #4

Same thing I said. I sent a detailed email to them so they could explain a few things for me and I could get a clear understanding of what they handle.

(Dennis Scott) #5

Taser is more a protection tool. Any weapon can injure, or kill the person. Taser just temporary disable a person without injuries and without consequences. They are crazy, they expect that we will drive around everywhere, take strangers in the car, they don’t even verify accounts, riders can use nick names, no pictures, or fake pictures, etc., some carry knives, guns, etc., and we are not allowed to have anything to protect ourselves…?!? It happened to me and not once, that a passenger told me that he had a gun and while smiling asked me if I felt uncomfortable, etc… Some asked me, if I have a gun and when I answered that I don’t have it, I got answers that I shouldn’t tell that I don’t have a gun and similar… My answer is always; if I don’t have a gun, who said that I don’t have something better what protects me 100%…?!? Then they close their big mouth and continue silence; probably they think what possible I could have what is better and stronger than a gun…! Anyhow, Lyft and Uber have some insane requirements!

(Jerry Hall) #6

Police do not use Tazers for self defense. Tazers are used to subdue and capture; and most departments will not use them (or any less than lethal option) unless a second officer is covering the suspect with a lethal force backup - IE a firearm.

Tazers are a lousy self defense option.

And yes - I have experience with tazer usage for self defense. It did not end well. My assailant would be more accurately described as enraged than subdued. As a result I had to fight my way out of a fraternity party.

(Timothy Clark) #7

Thanks for the update. I live in West End. Got something for his Azz if he ever tries me. Cancellation of his Birth Certificate.

(Harris Frank) #8

I’m glad you are doing better. Lyft needs to require more from these passengers as a safety requirement. I hate pickups with no photos or rides being ordered for someone else. I had one yesterday that made me feel uneasy. Everyone be safe.

(Eric Moore) #9

I just reiterated this to Lyft Safety via phone. People who order Lyfts for other people should take their friend’s photo and add the name.

EVERY TIME you call Safety, tell them about ANY issue/suggestion you have.