Picking up at airport makes a full-time driver job look a lot better

Airport pick ups makes a full-time driver job look a lot better. I had 150 cars ahead of me it only took 20 minutes for it to go to one car ahead of me then a ping…

Nobody cares. You obviously have no friends… because your just vomiting thoughts on Facebook seeking attention

You are the reason the rest of the world hates americans. Lol you are that stupid.

Driving a rental for 800 a month and 1 dollar a mile makes you a sucker. Not a badass. Lol

Well, I see you figured out what FIFO is. Lolololol

Anybody who pays $600 a month for a car payment just to do Uber is a toolbag. I can’t believe Uber is able to convince people to do that. That is predatory at its worst. And if you’re paying $600 a month for a vehicle I would hope that it is a very nice Mercedes, Infiniti, Lexus, or Acura… at the very least. But I have a feeling he’s driving something like a Ford Fiesta.

Full coverage car insurance, all repairs free done by Firestone, can change to a different car every week, roadside assistance, never will be without a car, I will take it everytime

600 for a Hyundai …U can get a lot better deal

He thinks because he gets free maintenence it’s worth it. He doesn’t understand that owning a car doesn’t cost 800 a month for a shifty hyundia, if he owned that hyundia xar payment plus insurance plus maintenence each month would be around 350

Most new cars comes with free maintenance for 2 years and if u get a pre owned one then the oil change is like 40…Theres no need to pay so much …

I think he has super shit credit so he tries to justify paying 800 a month is a better deal… lol because if he bought a car he’d be paying like 30 percent interest

Oh my god, he’s paying $800 a month for a Hyundai? Holy smokes! The only people who would think that is anything close to a good deal are people with terrible credit or people who are desperate. And then Uber comes along and tells these people that this is a good deal and that they’ll be having cash just rain down on them. Ugh… pathetic! Are we even sure that he bought the car? Or could it be a lease? If it is a lease, that’s 10X worse. Wow… this type of stuff should be illegal.

If you have bad or really fuck up credit

Hit me up I can get you finance

1000 down. 400 a month and the car is yours

Like that makes you any less of a fool? Uhh, no