Picked upa young guy

Just picked up a Young guy from work, had a great conversation on the way to take him home.
Long story short, I had the opportunity to Bless him by stopping by WM to get him some items he needed but didn’t really have the funding for.
Not on here to boast about what I did but more so to say that sometimes these 10/15 minute rides with Pax can be very uplifting and beneficial to us and them.
I’m sure we’ve all heard various stories Pax, but this one hit home for me and I took the opportunity to go bless this young man who has his head on straight and is trying to go back to college by working his way through and getting ready to Walk On to play football as well.
Lastly, when he got out the car to walk inside, I decided to throw him $10 cash to buy his lunch tomorrow :muscle:t5:!
The look on his face was priceless.
Humbling experience for me Indeed.

We all need to pay some forward. We just need to follow our gut on who to bless.
Good for you!

I was always taught that when u do something for someone and it truly comes from the heart then u keep it to yourself… If it was truly a blessing then the only people that should know about what u did is u and god…

Not nice… all day we read complaining and pettiness. Can this man have his moment. Why cant he share it wasnt the point that he did something for the young man rather how he was impressed and felt moved to do something most Dont do.

Seems to be a goto gor facebook bunch of bragging an attention seeking jus do it for the person an move on. No ones gona give a cookie on here

That feeling when you get when you helped the right person… I help one person everyday… Looking to be a motivator everyday because you never know what that person is going through…

The best feeling in the world is when you can give back! Your blessings are coming. I guess you wanted a hand clap so here you go . :clap:t5::clap:t5::clap:t5: real humbling isnt broadcasted but nice gesture tho .

I didn’t give a passenger money, but I picked this guy up in a wheelchair. His wheelchair isn’t user friendly and he needed help taking it apart and putting it in my car and also needed help getting to his destination.
I will admit, since my father needed a wheelchair the last year of his life, I am 100% in for anyone of a disability. Long story short, I’m glad I picked him up and was able to help him. Yes the trips were short and it took longer for me to get him in the car than it took to drive him to his destination, but this was humbling for me. He was such a sweet young 25 year old.

Last thing he said when I dropped him off at City Gear downtown was “ I wish I was rich so I could get all these homeless ppl off the streets.” Such a great young man who just got set up being in the life…

Thank you Father for choosing me to pick him up.

If y’all ever pick up “Yorobious”(his name was something like that) give him the service you would want your wheelchair bound son to have.

We are more then just drivers out here. We are changing the world. Monday I had a lady I picked up from the doctors. The doctors office pays for her uber. The lady asked me had a ate lunch today. I told her no I’m fine I will eat later. The lady goes can you please stop somewhere and get me a dollar sandwich… I do not get my check until the end of the month. We stop @ Wendy’s I told her to get whatever she wanted. Hey you never know who’s life your changing for those 15 to 20 Mins. Blessings to all!!

Very nice Smitty. Some of our young folks just need a little help to move in the right direction. I would have done the same thing. God bless you!

I came back just to see what the ratio was gonna be… I’m so surprise that the good comments out weighted the bad this time. Cause I thought this was a great post! So if someone else made this comment you think all the petties would have came to play??

Just when I was about to give up on humanity! I needed to hear this! People can be real shitty these days and its nice to know that good people do exist! God Bless You​:heart::heart::heart:

I don’t think the brotha was trying to brag, I think he was trying to set an example for others to follow suit. I personally don’t tell people when I’m a blessing to someone else because I was taught that you block your blessing when you brag about. But only God knows the heart of a man when he is bragging or just trying to set an example for others.