Picked up a drunk woman

So last night I picked up woman probably around 30. She was very drunk. Tried to keep her talking as I don’t want to have to deal with a passed out drunk. The car was dark at 1 AM I think I heard her do a line cocaine. Didn’t say anything because my eyes were on the road and could not verify that is what she did. Shortly after that her words are even more slurred and even more incoherent. 30 minute ride to her home.

So as we arrive at her home my question is knowing walking is going to be a challenge do you assist her into her home or even worse help her if she falls?

She had three shopping bags and I asked her do you need an assistance? She said no. She swayed back and forth across her whole driveway. She entered her town house through the garage. She missed the button to close the garage door about 5 times. One time losing her balance and bumping into a pile of stuff in her garage which stopped her from hitting the floor. She finally got the door to her home open bounces her way in and got the garage door closed. I watched to be sure she got in safe.

I would never want my intentions to be misunderstood or cross some sort of legal liability line. At the same time I would have not let this woman lay in her driveway unable to get up either. Fortunately she was barely able to get into her home on her own this time. If she was unable to enter her home on her own what is your limits in helping her. Again I am a 47 year old male and don’t want my intentions to assist misconstrued either.

Nope … Even tnough she needed help. It could bit u in the ass if she wanted to claim u touched her. And if she kept losing balance , you would have caught her if she was falli g. One thing would lead to another… You have the right idea by wanting to help…

The rule is never touch a pax for any reason. You can help carry items.

Never help or touch, better call 911 if assistance is needed, even to wake up a pax inside your car, get a dashcam too.

Good question.
I think as a good person you did what you could without crossing any lines or putting yourself in a dangerous situation where you could be accused of something you didn’t do. I think she is grown and is making bad decisions and she needs to deal with the consequences of her own decisions so all you can do is watch from a distance the way you did

So what if the consequence of her bad decision is that after you drive off, some low life sees her passed out in her yard and decides to rob her, maybe rape her, or kill her. Is that something you could live with? I know I couldn’t. John did right by making sure she got in. But if she had not made it, I would have gotten out and helped her. Probably would have helped from the get go. It is really sad that we have gotten to the point where we will let someone suffer simply because we are afraid of being sued. As a christian, I cannot live like that. Read the story of the good samaritan in the bible sometime.

I didn’t say I would let her lay there and get raped, get off your self righteous pedestal. I would have called the police and or 911 to get her the help she needs, I’m not a medical expert I don’t know if she has alcohol poisoning or what is going on, so I agree he did the right thing by ensuring she made it inside safety but it’s not just about being sued it’s about ensuring you don’t put yourself in a dangerous situation. Help people and call the appropriate authorities.

Even as a female, if she passed out or fell and I couldn’t get her awake enough to get inside, I would call the non-emergency police number for help. They would determine if she needed more attention. (Medical).

I believe in being a good person, I believe in being a good Christian. But even God gives us free will, we get to choose right from wrong but we are not free from the consequences of our decisions. Just like God guides us to do our best and lead us in the right direction but doesn’t interfere with our lives, we can do the same, help people, as much as you can but ultimately there is only so much we can do

We are all humans and she was definitely dealing with something.
I honestly felt bad for her. On a good note she was smart enough to leave her car at the bar and order a rideshare. That is part of the reason we exist (rideshare drivers). If I go downtown for dinner and drinks I personally use a rideshare service. Plus it allows me to see what other drivers are doing. Granted I do not get into her condition.

Had she made the wrong decision and drove she could easily be an article on the internet today potentially taking someone’s life or her own life.

So I have a question as well that is kind of along the same lines as this. In Canada, in the restaurant industry, if i serve someone alcohol, then they get in a car and drive and cause an accident, I am partially liable because I was the one that served them. I would have had a responsibility to make sure they didn’t drive. Or if they decided to walk home and like froze to death or something. Is the same true in the US, from a rideshare driver perspective? If she froze to death on her driveway, are you liable because she paid you to get her home safe?

What I have seen in my time here.
1 business are responsible to stop serving already drunk patrons, I have seen businesses get sued for this after drunk driving accidents.
Rideshare liability ends once passenger close the door, if you see that a passenger might be in danger due to intoxication you can always call 911 and they will handle the case

Personally, I wouldn’t ever touch them. If they fell, passed out, anything of the sort, I’d call 911. I’d stay with them and let them know what was going on, but I wouldn’t touch

Nope, no touching, no walking them into their house. Pax pays for a ride, not a caregiver. We get them off the streets, plain and simple. We make sure they don’t kill someone else.

Took a twenty something drunk college girl home. Passed out in backseat when we arrive. I open her door and manage to rouse her. She exit car and faceplant in the bushes. Help her up, 3 steps and another faceplant. I help her up aga8n and walk her to the front door. She opens the door, turns around, shoves her tongue down my throat and tells me to come to bed with her. I politely decline, go back to my car and leave.

9-1-1 if she’s passed out on the floor. Your job is to make it someone else’s job :rofl::rofl::rofl: removes all liability (with drinks-car seats)

I had a guy fall asleep, when we arrived at his house he wouldn’t wake up. So I knocked on the door of his house, his wife slapped him awake and both of us carried him into the house.

I’d turn on my phone and record everything as I assisted her. Cause remember you don’t know what happened before u picked her up or after she shuts the door… and being drunk people have a distorted reality if they remember anything.

Once she’s out of the car, her safety is not your responsibility. I get being a gentleman asnd all. I often struggle with it myself. But had you helped her especially without her asking for it, and something happens, that’s on you. She could even say you raped her or some shit like that, and then you’d be in a whole world of trouble.

I wouldn’t leave someone lying on their driveway or front lawn. I would knock on their door to get someone they know to help them. If no one was home, I would call 911. That’s just me. I wouldn’t want to be liable if something happened to them if they couldn’t make it into their house. Once they make it in the door, I would leave, whatever they took to get them in that condition and what the consequences are, are not my responsibility. I figure if they can make it into the house they probably will be okay.