Pick up under age kids

If you pick up under age kids you risk deactivation just remember don’t put anything on Facebook that you don’t want anybody else to see

Kids use uber and lyft to get to school so you’re saying we will be deactivated for that? :thinking: That’s exactly what he is saying. TOS ON BOTH PLATFORMS STATES THAT MINORS MUST BE ACCOMPANIED BY AN ADULT!

I’m glad I’m reading this because a parent put there 7 yr old in my car to take school cause they overslept and I was bafflled🙄who does that? So we suppose to ID them when they get in the Car??

i can understand if its a 5 or 6 yr old…But if the Kid is 14, 15, 16 how are we suppose to know? Do we ID Them??:thinking::thinking: what if they dont have a ID?? Do i cancel the trip and drive off??

You first ask them if they are at least 18. If they say yes and you are not convinced or want proof, you are well within your rights to ask for ID. Just like if you are selling alcohol, tobacco, tattoos, etc.

That is why you get paid “the big bucks”. But NO, You do not cancel the trip. You make them cancel. When they bitch about the cancellation fee, just tell them to email support and explain that the driver refused the ride to an unaccompanied minor. That will deactivate their underage bootie.

I always tell them to cancel and if they argue I say ok I will cancel and call support to tell them the reason I did and they told me if a person is reported twice for minor or no car seat they get deactivated and I still get the cancellation fee. They usually cancel pretty quickly after that

  1. Riders must be 18+
  2. Yes, you I.D. them. Uber expresses this in the policy.
  3. Yes, there are places with “Uber Parent” accounts, which allow parents to call rides for the child. Atlanta is NOT one of these places.
  4. You are well within your rights to have them cancel and email Uber to let them know why you canceled.
  5. It’s too much of a liability. Look at the case where a Lyft driver took a 14 or 15 year old girl to her boyfriend’s house. They left in the boyfriend’s car and wrecked and died. The Lyft driver is having to pay for a lawyer and miss work in court because he is be questioned and possibly held accountable because Lyft says, “He shouldn’t have picked her up. She’s a minor and we don’t allow that.” Yes, he will likely get off, but his life is totally changed at the moment because he took a minor. There are many other similar cases.

You pick up those kids if you want. Then you get in an accident and the parents want to sue someone. Guess what it wont be lyft or uber because theyre not liable. They coming for you.

What’s the age cutoff ?
How young without an adult ? Ok, I never questioned this. Months ago, a woman put her son in the backseat and buckled him in. I drove him to his dad’s house. Wow…

Man they BETTER have a carseat. I am sooooooo tired of people pulling the no car seat trap on me. I will start sending out text messages when I get a call warning of canceled rides if they fail to provide a booster.

Yes!! What if you get rear ended or something that is out of your control? Lord! What a lazy mother to send her child in a ride share alone. If they are like 13 or so I would make an exception if a parent called me.

You are saying 17 or older. “17 or older” implies you carry 17 year olds without an adult. I’m saying that a 17 year old is still considered a minor per the TOS and is the same as carrying a 15 year old

Had parent call me yesterday when I picked up from a middle school… Told me what her daughter was wearing and not to allow any others friends in the car and no stops! She stayed on the phone the whole “4 miles”… EVEN GAVE A TIP.

This is still against Terms of Service and you’re liable. If something happens, that parent will sue Lyft and when Lyft says, “We told her not to. It’s in the contract,” you’ll be sued. The difference is you’re covered by insurance if you have a passenger and are adhering to the terms of service. Doesn’t matter. Terms of Service tell us NOT to transport them. That makes us liable if the parent sues. Even if we get a lawyer and win the case, is it worth all of that?

we will get sued regardless of who ride in the car if an accident occurred. I’ve been driving well over 2 years so I know the risks of ALL passengers riding in your car. The liability can ultimately still fall mainly on the parent. Parents know their kids have share ride accounts, especially those who have jobs or play after school sports. How many of us actually cancel the ride? I do not if they are around 15 or 16. Most of the time the ride is less than 5 minutes away. Yes things can happen regardless of distance and I get that part, but thankfully I have had any issues, nor have I picked up too many pax under the age of 18.

For those of you that are making exceptions… it is only 18 AND above that can ride accompanied. Period.

Forget deactivation, if you are involved in an accident with the pax in the car and it’s your fault, the insurance will refuse to pay because you were violating the TOS at the time of the accident. That means you may be personally liable for damages to the other party, your car is out of commission because of damages. You are exposing yourself to a HUGE financial risk to carry these paxs for $5

This doesn’t matter if it is under a parents account, the parent calls You or they are going to/from school.

Don’t be stupid

Thanks for that reminder! I took two kids 2 months ago from a shopping center to their home (4min away) they were maybe 12 max. Well educated etc and I had no clue I wasn’t supposed to do it till I came here and check posts daily! I will drive teens to school and I have booster seats in my car for ages 4-8.