Personal rant and kind request to admins

For the love of Jesus … please stop approving surge related post at the time of the surge! Yall helping to kill some of our money out here. Like why in the world would one want to post and tell sum 9000+ other drivers where the money is? Some of us rely on rideshare to feed our families! #please stop giving away money! #pleaseandthanks

I think y’all assume people think this group is way more important than it is. I highly doubt a large number of people check here first to see if there is a surge post so they can go “kill someone’s money”. Nearly everything about this “job” is luck of the draw. We’ve seen countless posts where people are sitting in the hottest part of a surge and get no pings, so with thousands of drivers on the road especially during a slow season it’s gonna be rough and everyone doing it needs money for something. If anyone is relying solely on the uncertainty of rideshare to feed their families they need to recalibrate their thinking. Rideshare is a hustle, not a job. Even if it were a job, jobs change and become obsolete. Be prepared for that with another hustle.

Amen…some of these people quit there 9 to 5 for this side hustle…now they need to catch evert surge in Atl to make ends meet…I feel sorry for them because they believed they would make 25/35 an hour…McDonald’s is always hiring

It is an inspiration to some to keep a positive attitude when you are about to log off and can see a 4.0 surge 3 blocks from where you are. Not bragging, just a blessing to be a Beauty Professional and make $55.00 in 20 minutes after servicing my clients. Ijs. O by the way the kids were respectful unlike some of the ratchets who are just going 3 miles and complain.

Well guess what when u get your trip and take it to Alpharetta by time u get Back the increase will be gone. Food for thought Be in the right place before it’s time

100 drivers can’t pick up 1000 people at the same time.

I thought that was the whole point of this page, that’s what “unite” implies. We’re all out here trying to make money and clearly we all need it or we wouldn’t be spending additional time doing Uber so how about we all support one another so we can ALL try to make this money.

It’s all about damn timing and one event ain’t gonna slow the show. If your face is not in the place when it needs to be you will lose out.

I wonder that too… I think it’s certain events that are kept on lock in here like the fact not many people knew about Nashville last weekend.

You got to change your mindset and stop focusing on things from a lack perspective. There 100,000 ppl at Bonaroo 8000 couldnt give all those ppl a ride. Lol

The funny thing is Banaroo never surged. It was like it wasn’t even taking place. I was in Nashville checking ready to drive down there.

Here’s the deal. There was so much money Nashville. You had to not be afraid to talk to ppl. Hotel agents, cleaning crews, bouncers, police officers and passengers. Tell them why you’re​ there and how you can add value to their experience. It worked for me when I needed it to and knowing who the artists were and their music certainly helped me.

Umm… does the map not announce the surge? Don’t we tell people NOT to chase surge? One can not make it from downtown to Alpharetta to kill the surge at VZW (Verizon). Surge chassing from downtown to the airport even ends up unsuccessful, much less from another part of the metro area. The only way a surge post (from this group, because I blame Uber for blowing up the spot) can kill the surge is if they are already in the area of blazin’ surge. (IMO)

Well for one… surges seem to barely happen any more and will probably happen less and less. Second, if you are already in the are while it is surging and someone lost about it, the dam surge most likely will Peak before anyone actually gets of FB, comes to the page, sees the post, and then drives to where ever the event is. So if you already there the WTF are y’all complaining about. And if it is an extended surge then the Map will show it and they will drive there anyway with no need to see a post. And lastly… Surge is a good boost in $ but surge ain’t what is going to pay the bills…ya acting like you only driving to turn the app on during surge… GTFOH Thas some crazy shit

In some ways… that is part of my strategy. I place myself where I think it will surge. There was a time that I DID only drive during surge and it was GREAT#SmarterNotHarder

, I really don’t need to say anything after that.

For the record though, if there are drivers out there that thought they had secret info about chance the rapper being at Lakewood, you need to invest in a better rideshare related source for driving info. The only people who didn’t know about chance is the same ones asking the same damn question about where is the RAA everyday.

Not too keen on being compared to alternative POTUS, but yes, you’re right. In addition to ride share, people live here, they known what’s going on in the city, nothing is really a secret.

Doesn’t everybody app show surge? More importantly, a hustle is a hustle whether you post a surge or not. So go get the money and stop worrying about other drivers

Its nit about having secret info. Its about knowing your trade. If I knew where to dig for gold, would I tell you were to dig for gold or let you figure it out on your own? #commonsense

But you don’t own the land the gold is on, nor do you have dominion over other prospectors. #Commonsense would be focusing on digging for your gold. It is the only thing you control.

Thats the issue! Many of us have dug for gold and found it! My frustration is when some tell ehere the gold is rather then letting the newbies find it like we had to.