Perfect solution to avoid conversations

Had a pax the the other day who’s brother drives uber. She told me that he absolutely hates talking to passengers and that he had generated a pretty bad rating because of this. He then went into options on the drivers app and clicked that he was “deaf and/or hard of hearing”. This now shows up on the passenger app when you get him as a driver. Apparently he’s much happier now and gets good ratings according to her. Shady but genius…!

I usually just give yes or no answers that works most times, or try telling them your hard of hearing and really make them shout every word, they’ll eventually get the point.

Gonna try the hard to hear tip. Tell them I have a bluetooth, cant hear you right now GPS is speaking to me the directions to get them to their destination.

I have a volumnous repertoire of stories. It depends on who you are which stories you get. I work 12 hour shifts. In the car. I can point out local events, local history,points of interest. I can even be quiet sometimes.

Without the fabulous, interesting, witty, erudite, challenging, informative, hysterical, happy, sad, and the dating stories that are shared between my pax I would not be still doing Uber.

The conversations are what makes it for me, I get really disgruntled and bored if I have too many quite, monosyllable pax. But then again I am female and am quite capable of multi-tasking. Mind you I do know the style and class of passengers that do not wish to speak and I ensure that they have a seamless and quite journey.

Some people are more easily distracted so I understand what you’re saying. You need to at least turn the radio down if you’re getting that distracted. That’s too much sensory input for you. I have it low when I’m making those short 5-10 min trips and don’t know the area.

I would turn the Gps up, ask them to hold on a minute, then when you don’t have a turn for a few miles,say…sorry I was trying to pay attention, please continue? I have also missed a turn in the middle of a story but they still gave me 5 stars bc they realized it was their fault. Haha!

ometimes if she’s a bit of a milf I flex the old guns to let her know I’mean business. I should be charging Uber rates for this gold I’m sharing.

Get a set of those fangs and give the pax a fiendish grin in the review mirror. Be sure and have the kid safety locks turned on - hate to see them jump out mid-ride.

Altnough you will undoubtedly get some A-holes that have to test how deaf and scream from the back seat or talk trash because they, well because tney are Ass holes… .

I remember my first day ubering, first call SUV, all way she was talking to me, asking about my self etc, convo was really nice, but then I missed exit…next one was 2 miles away, she didn’t talked with me anymore

i tell pax that i can drive or i can talk. I am a man/woman and I can only do one thing at a time, trying to do it in a humorous tone. it works; they get the message. and ask them to speak up cuz you’re hard of hearing. say that two or three times for the same remark and they will get the idea.

Now you got me interested… I believe lots of well educated professionals start Uber driving for various reasons, but I’ve always thought that interaction/connection with the pax was the most logically reason because it’s certainly not for the money. Can you say why you Uber? I’m just curious.

Nod when they talk, and say, “Uh huh” I may not always be paying attention to them when they talk, because I’m focusing on the road. When they realize this, they usually go quiet or get offended. If I’m asked if I am listening to them my response is;“I’m sorry I was paying attention to the road, what did you ask me again?”

You must be quit an interesting person or a very good listener for people to want to talk to you that much. I usually have to force a conversation lol. It is all dependent on their first impression of you. If you replied with very short answers they usually won’t bother you much.

Also you can’t drive and talk? lol If i’m actually having an interesting conversation my brain goes into auto mode and takes over the driving. I’m always surprised when I arrive at the destination yet not knowing how I got there. It’s when I start second guessing my instincts that I start making mistakes.