People will ask you to do a lot of stupid stuff

I told one of my rides last week when he asked me to get off the paved road to the left and go past all the cars to get to the Carpool lane that starts further up, "I don’t make any illegal moves especially when I have the “U” on my wind shield because then I become the target of every ass wipe with a camera to post my picture and say, “look how the Uber driver is breaking the law”.

Uber pax are not aware of the traffic, or anybody besides themselves for the most part they treat Uber like summoning a magic carpet that will find them and whisk them away.

Self entitled & and stupid with no common sense. I had pax asked me to make u turn in one way street

I had a guy try to jump out in the middle of street while the car was moving, and unfortunately right in front of a cop. I told him to stop in a strong voice and then stopped at the side, again right behind a police car.

My favourites are the ones who stand on a corner right next to the traffic light . If the light’s red when I roll up, they get a ride. If it’s green, they don’t.

I hate when they drop the pin right at the intersection of the Chinese theatre on Hollywood Blvd and I have all kinds of people wave seeing a U approach, I mean all but the pax will find your car and get in.

Best are the ones who stand on the corner after the road where they need you to turn after they get in. I praise the ones that know where to stand like they’re a puppy that shit outside for the first time.

You are not obligated to pickup in dangerous spots. Find a good spot, pull over, call and explain so they can walk over. Note that you are likely to take a rating hit if they feel you should park just anywhere for them.

And you’ll get pax ask you to bypass the railroad crossing arms or blocked off construction zones. Pax don’t care about you or your car … after all, it’s not their car … and they won’t be getting the ticket.

Isn’t there a way to just avoid the user score. I think uber messed up there. Cuz ppl could just feel like rating you poorly because they can. How does uber control this from happening

They don’t care. They use the rating system to control you and ensure you’re being the Yes Man they and their customer base want. No, there is no way to avoid being rated nor avoid rating pax.

Why would you expect them to behave any different for you as they would a taxi? This is nothing new. Been going on since the dawn of livery service.

There are many courteous PAX out there as well. One thing we as drivers can do is educate. Of course there will always be the idiots who just don’t get it but the more seasoned PAX the better for everybody.

I hope enough other drivers cancel these rides where the people make themselves too hard to find or pick up, and then just maybe, over time, some of them will figure it out or at least stop using Uber since their rides keep getting canceled.

uber does not tell pax to be in an accessible place for pick up. uber only tells drivers follow traffic rules. but how can you when you need to pick up a rider that is not informed. the ticket is on you. so make sure to call pax and tell them to find a pick up that is free from red curves and accessible.

Get their attention and point forward to where you can pick them up, that’s what I do, not a problem, really. I pull up in red zones all the time since downtown cops tend not to mind, given there is no other place to pick up. Just flip your emergencies on.