People tip when there is a social expectation of tipping

With Uber, we can put a tip cup, seeded with some $1s and $5s, and that will increase the social expectation slightly. Unfortunately Uber’s original advertisement(even their new ads to some degree), and the peer group of your passengers has told them that you don’t tip your Uber Driver, and/or that it is not required. Your passengers tipped the cab that took them to their hotel 15%, they may give the doorman a few bucks, they will not tip you for your ride to the restaurant, and then they will tip the waitress at the restaurant 15%.

I think it’s a mix of Uber promoting itself as a cashless experience and onboarding new riders by telling them the tip is included/not necessary and the radio ads saying that you can make thousands of dollars per week driving Uber. I’ve had some minimum fare riders assume that I’m making bank on their ride because they had me go a block further.

Its on the Uber website, when the people sign on to be an Uber passenger. The emphasis is on “tipping isn’t necessary”, “cashless experience” and when you arrive at your destination, “just hop out”. A lot of people think its a major faux pax to tip, and they would no more think of tipping their Uber driver than they would of tipping their urologist.

Im doing uber in san francisco since 5 days. Uber pool really sucks. People gonna rate you bad if you do only 1 harsh stop or acceleration sometime. On top of it NOBODY is tipping in uber!! So basically when im doing uber pool even with surge at 1.5 or less in the city, ( because of traffic, pedestrians, lights, stops) it takes me too long to reach the destination and i do 4$ or so per 20 minutes before gaz, taxes and others!!! And they dont tip. Seriously i hope uber will change something about it

Im not sharing…im working. People just wan to take advantage of the situation and they are not human. 90% dont even talk, snoby or others. Thats not sharing im sorry. Its a service and service should be allowed to have the option of tipoing the person wirkig providig the service.

It’s those bus pax again. They don’t talk to the perceived “lower caste” bus driver, either. But the CEO is into sharing, big time, as long as sharing of your earnings goes his way.

How surprising you say that when actually lyft is also " ride-shre" bullshit like you said and they actually give the option to the person to tip or not. And lyft was the first company share ride much before uber which was a black car service originally and they copied on lyft! So stop your bullshit talking plz!

I would not shar my tips to the ceo or others up therr as much as ceo and wall street assholes and other big heads dont share their bonueses at the end of the years! They get thoses protfit and bonuses because of the small citizen that lives and spends and works. So if i fallow you if i share my tip they shoukd share their profit and/or their bonuses which doesnt happen so im not sharing my tip.

Aren’t they already in the press for collecting tips and not passing them on to drivers? Even if tthey were passing them on, they’d share part of something that was meant to be solely for you, for providing good, or better, personal service.

I am really starting to hate lyft now . They tip and give you 1 star. It seems like lyft is scraping the bottom of the barrel in my area. All the lyft passengers are someone who I would never want to rate 5 stars . I guess all these people don’t like me driving a nicer car than they ever will.

I made a lot of tips this week. Was very unusual. Almost made 60+ in cash tips plus 15 in lyft driving Friday and Saturday. Guys with women always tip and so do the old timers Younger downtown kids and college kids will never tip you. Also I am pretty sure I picked up couple of drivers who were super nice and tipped me good.

The Uber business model is not to require tipping for customers. That’s potentially a competitive advantage compared to Lyft. On one level, it makes the ride transaction simpler for the rider, which draws more business for you and for Uber.

I got an Uber pax in my taxi just now. How do I know? She asked for the iPhone charger and I just laughed and said “I’m Samsung”. She was tres annoyed at the Verifone system which takes 20 seconds if you have half a brain. She didn’t have half a brain.

When did not having a telephone charger become “crappy service”? …except possibly for someone who is trying to advance an anti-taxi agenda…

Well over 12 years I have never offered chargers…and have and will never offer candy mints or water why?..I am not a rolling convenience store…oh yeah I don’t give a rat’s as a about ratings…oh one more thing…I get tipped 90-95%…of time but then again I get paid what I’m supposed to get paid…

Why don’t people in retail or customer service get tipped? Why don’t the cashiers who deal with nasty customers all day not get tipped? What makes you feel you’re entitled to a tip for giving someone a short ride? Now if it’s longer I understand. Not trying to be rude or anything just speaking my mind.

Had a rough day. When our “radio” queue dies, it’s cabstands or starve.
I was 4 hours on the rear Wells Fargo and went through major changes and the lower back is out.