People spend more time complaining than driving

Hell when I get an uber driver to take me to work at 5am THEY all say they are making $. The only people crying about uber are those who have been around for a couple years where uber used to pay you to NOT DRIVE but to be there for when demand would pick up. Y’all must wake up late and work from 10-4 or something.

Top partners are driving 310 miles last week! at x rates you would be lucky to take home $1 a mile. That is $310 a week! NOT $1250 a week. DATES on a ongoing billboard on the sides of buses? HA. Your coming off silly now.

Your point is not valid. How did he make $1455 driving 310 miles at $1 a mile? That is what the top 20% of drivers drive on uber platform according to uber. using your example that is almost $5 per mile. No chance on uberx.

You said 48 hours not me. Uber says 30 hrs, 310 miles, just like the OP says.
LOL, sure if your getting $5000 in payouts like uber tells New Drivers to recruit them, just to pay them $2.30 for small trips, like in NYC. Whos doing that? NOT THE TOP 20% of UBER drivers, according to UBERS Top trips and miles driven.

You are extra dumb. You assume the top 20% are the same across all the facets. The top per hour guys are probably not the top hour guys. You played with the numbers to make it work PLUS if you drive in NYC and DONT make 25 an hour, you probably are doing it wrong.

The top pay is how much they make an hour. The top hours are how many hours you work. I can work 10 hours only during surge and make 50 an hour, while somebody else makes makes 25 an hour over 60 hours. One makes more hourly, the other made more weekly. I know people who make 1000+ a week. After taxes and fees. I don’t know an uber driver that makes less than 1000 a week to be honest.

Uber better? the OP tells you what the TOP 20% of drivers make. Maybe in NYC its a different set of numbers, which you have not shared. But the rest of the USA is not NYC. Again you saying that I am stupid does not make you any less. You have not explained how the top earner per hour can not be the top hours online and make MORE than the $24000 a year in the OP.

NYC x rates are 2x PHX rates. You do understand that dont you? Your acting all kinds of smart proving what? I await YOUR math on HOW the top driver per hour, can earn more then the top hour driven on platform, can equal more than OP. That you know a guy that knows a guy that make some money, once? Nonsense.

I don’t think you fully understand the figures the OP gave you. An average of the the top 20% people make $31 per hour. The top 5% could of reached about $45+ an hour and the people falling under the 10% - 20% mark could of reached $25 an hour, which would bring that average down and make it $31.

Now using the same method the OP gave, multiplying the top hourly earned and top hourly worked (which aren’t necessarily the same people, but i’m doing it like the OP), the top of the top uber drivers can be putting in $45 an hour for 50 hours and make $2250 in gross fares. These numbers aren’t accurate of course, but it just goes to show you that the OP’s math is to be taken with a grain of salt.

They may exist, but that is the top of the top. The average driver is at the 50% mark or under. $2250 if Fares is not $2250 in your pocket. Minus $500 plus $150 for booking fees. Your at $1600 minus gas, your at $1400 a week. Not bad really for the top of the top.

Does Mcdonalds tell its new fry guys they can make $5000 a month just cause a MCDs regional manager may make that in NYC? No because it would be a lie. Just as the $5000 a month is a lie plastered all over america.

I’ve spoken to many NYC uber x and uber black drivers… Uber x drivers make about $200 after 10-12 hour shifts. UberBLACK make about $300 for 10 hour shift. AND that is the conclusion to it. Yes you can make that money it’s just people don’t understand the business. That’s not money you make… those are sales.

If you see it as a business then you understand you have to add overhead costs to what you make. You can easily make a list of 10 expenses for doing work as an uber x driver. I wanted to do Uber BLACK in NYC and I amounted the expenses to total around $4,500 monthly.

So, when Uber says drivers can earn $1250 per week, all a driver has to do is drive 139 to 179 hours each week. And since there are 168 hours in each week, a person can actually achieve these revenues if one is willing to swallow enough amphetamines.