People leaving their trash in my car

I’m tired of people leaving drinks and empty drink containers in my car. This usually happens at night. I bought a flashlight so I can look around the car before rating people. From now on people that leave trash get down-rated.

I actually pissed a couple of girls off this weekend when I wouldn’t let them get in my car at bar close with two plates of pizza; they were like, “we’re not drunk, we won’t spill any, we swear!” and I said sorry, but it’s a brand new car, and there’s no food allowed.

Again, i have signs in my car saying no food or drinks in the car because i used to allow it and like you got tired of picking up other peoples trash, i especially love people who try to bring open bottles or cups filled with alcohol, i tell them to either chug it down quickly or pour it out, i refuse to get a ticket or dui for inconsiderate people.