People complaining about ejecting rides will never make real money doing this

Driving ubers way and accepting every ride is a hair are to lose money at rates below 1.50 or so. It’s not a question, it’s a simple fact. The system is rigged against you, but it can be played well by viewing every ride through a p and l calculation. Learn how to do that on the fly and factor in all costs including opportunity costs of running a dead head 30 mile run home and missing the most profitable 45 minutes of the week and you’ll graduate from being a tool to using uber as a tool to generate profit. Until then, uber on!

Don’t forget to tell them that you have no idea where they need to go until they showed up and you hit “start trip”. I haven’t had to do it yet, but I know one day I will need to do that.

No emails or calls from Uber, and I was super rude too. Pax like that need to be educated, I’m not an idiot and whatever dumb driver ended up taking that ride is a moron too. Come at me Uber, I’d love for you to get mad at me for rejecting a money losing ride.

I’m probably older than most drivers…I have to worry about having to go to the bathroom during a long ride…My condition is considered a disability so maybe I’ll get lucky an fUber will drop me for having to stop a ride and go to the bathroom… lawsuit perhaps

I truly hope it works out for you. If it ever happens and you get a big settlement, don’t forget me…send me an emoji drink or something…

Uber won’t deactivate you if you can’t make a trip. I had a guy ask me to bring him fr FoCo to CO Springs one time. That’s over two hours of dead driving on the return trip. No deal.

Completely unacceptable. Seriously, if you aren’t going to take them that is one thing but to be that rude and indecent to someone is just being a terrible human being. This is someone just trying to get home and you are treating them like they wronged you in some way. You are the type of driver that should be banned.

I have declined a few based on other factors that I consider unacceptable,like more than four riders showing up,child in a bag,rider with an animal (other than a service animal), rider refusing to put out his Cuban cigar (I don’t care how expensive that thing is, you can stay out of my car with it).

That 30 dollar ride would have cost me 30 dollars in gas and depreciation and cost me over 100 in lost opportunity cost during bar close. You’re an ic, start acting like it don’t be a dumbass uber lover willingly costing yourself money just to please people who think you are a dumb cab driver.

Pax need to be educated that they are not calling a cab, they are engaging the services of an ic who has every legal right to determine with at jobs they will and won’t take. Get a clue junior.

How? By running my business with intelligence and thought? Ok, I’ll take that embarrassment. My per mile take home last week was 1.17 and that includes my dead miles. I drive smart, not ubers way.

When Uber was suspended in broward I got a call early morning while I was far south in Miami to go there, would have been a good 60+ mile ride but they were threatening drivers with arrest. I told the lady that I was sorry and that right now things aren’t good there.

My rating is 4.91, i think I’m ok with my pax. Engage my services in a profitable manner and you get top notch service. Try and screw me and I’ll leave your ass at the curb for some other moron to lose money.

Hasn’t happened yet. If being forced to perform services at a loss is a requirement for working for uber why would I want to work for uber? Why would you? Why would anyone?

Tell them you forgot your easy pass at home and you dont carry cash…The same they say… Or you can keep your gas at 1/4 tank and tell them you dont have gas and no money Tell them you start your second job in an hour and cant sorry…

I’ll take a rider anywhere, I dont’ care how bad the area is. I used to drive an ice cream truck in Watts, for chris’s sake. I think you are paranoid. I drove a cab in L.A for over 10 years, many trips down south, even got a flat tire on 70th street, you’d think I was a sitting duck, but the only time I was ever robbed was in Hollywood, and that was as a pedestrian, not in a cab.

If you think that it costs you $30 to drive 60 miles and you can somehow still make money uberxing then you are stupid. Again, not plain stupid. Interplanetary stupid.