People are stupid

They can’t figure anything for themselves nor do they care to try. The early rumor was that Uber drivers made $90k annualized and now the most recent rumor graphed and displayed by Uber is $19 per hour. You’re never going to get anywhere by trying to convince your passenger otherwise. Be happy, upbeat, not to the point of being an a$$ kisser and take what you get. Otherwise move on and do something else.

That’s what shaggy’ philosophy is. He knows he’s making minimum wage, but he’s already convinced himself that it’s a minimum wage job. Naturally, he’s built his own cage and uber has another contended “partner” ant carrying their heavy loads and passing them 28%.

Here’s a thought, drivers should take out ads on Google, and personally pay for them, it is your business right, what people know about the real Uber. I am going to be doing that shortly. I think more drivers should do the same, advertising for your business.

You will get blasted but I mostly agree,but that’s bc I’m a positive person. YoU are absolutely correct. Nobody is forcing anyone to ride for uber!

Coming from someone who points the finger and rants…geesh. Perhaps I’ve spent too long at happy hour, I see projection doubling… Looks at glass

I don’t see my passengers as that. Almost all really nice people, and my experiences with The Company have been almost all positive too. And you can’t burn out that which already is!

No, your passengers are just taking advantage of you. Do they ever worry about how little you make and how deluded you are? But Uber actually fools you into thinking you’re making legitimate money.

I know exactly how much money I make and wouldn’t be doing it if I wasn’t satisfied with it. The passenger doesn’t and it’s not their business. They order a ride, I deliver one.

Uber’s marketing is full of misleading garbage that lures in the ignorant and exploits them. It usually takes a couple of months for most people to realize the raw deal they’re getting, and $DIETY forbid the person did something stupid like buy a vehicle for ride-sharing (or worse, lease/buy a car through SCRUber).

Is that before or after expenses? How much are you depreciating your car? Did you buy a car to rideshare with? Just posting a dollar amount is useless in the context of Uber. This isn’t a wage job. It’s business. What were your hours? What were your miles? Where were you driving? What are your taxes? So on and so forth.

Hard to succeed in a rigged game. And most people who post on here are posting warnings to potential drivers. Uber likes to paint a rosy picture, but you scratch the paint away and it gets ugly real fast.

An emotional diatribe almost completely devoid of facts and not even mentioning a single issue about WHY Uber drivers are unhappy to begin with. I doubt your “Don’t Worry Be Happy” BS is going to resonate well with people who have watched Uber increase their take while cutting rates across the board.

I guess as long as you don’t kid yourself and know that you’re driving an underinsured pykey-cab, risking your life and health and that taking rides in the luftuber platform takes such a substantial cut from your bottom line that you’re earning less than minimum wage, fine.

500 a week how much is that after gas/maintance/car depreication ? Keep in my mind maintance and car depreciation is much more than gas. Usually uber drivers are either working for less than minimum wage or litterally payong to drive people around for uber without tips Thab are told how great uber is and how they must be making si much money.

Uber is a Godless, bloodsucking leach on the working class, and in some cases, middle class morons who like driving part time to “earn a little extra money.”

It won’t resonate, but not why you think. Being happy simply doesn’t resonate with folks who don’t want to be happy. You seem to think Uber makes you unhappy. Truth is Uber has nothing to do with drivers unhappiness.