Paying research program for community mapping app

We at BULVRD are looking for some help in testing our beta community mapping app. It’s should feel familiar to many with road report (hazards, traffic, police, etc) and traffic aware navigation. Though our key differentiator is our own baked in cryptocurrency token economy, so at a high level you earn as you contribute to the by driving and making road reports.

For this program we are looking for people to drive using our app, and provide daily feedback. We are wanting to make sure we are as convenient an option as possible, and as such want/need very honest feedback.

Our program includes daily payouts in Ethereum for giving us feedback. We are also offering to do intro calls to help get you set up with an Ethereum wallet and guided through the process to make it as painless as possible.

We’ve included a form to get basic info. Most questions are not required to be answered so feel free to answer how you wish, though the more complete, the higher chance of being selected first.

For more please see: Our blog post

Exact Details: Program Outline