Paxs should be providing us with refreshments, not the other way around

When I was new to Uber I picked up a prostitute at a john’s home and I took her back to her apartment. On the way she asked me for water. My first thought was that she should have rinsed her mouth before I was ever called. Anyway, we stopped at a convenience store and she bought us both water. She gave me a 5 star rating. This is the way it’s supposed to work, folks.

Personally, I don’t use plastic water bottles, so I don’t want to provide them to pax. Individual waters in glass bottles (voss, for instance) seems too expensive. Not sure what to do. I feel as though I should be providing them or at least have them on hand for UberBlack customers, but I don’t. No one has asked or mentioned it, though.

I kept water in my car, no pax ever took it. I had mints… only a couple ever took it. I went out and bought iPhone chargers because Uber led me to believe that I needed them. No client ever asked to use them. My car has a 110v outlet on the dash… Nobody ever asked to use it.

I just don’t get the problem in charging a pax phone. The request in my cab has happened maybe twice in two years. I am delighted to help. I’m not tech savvy so feel bad if my plug is not conducive to their phone.

I have three power cords in my car. One is for my phone, one is for my GPS, and one is for my dashcam. I can’t accommodate the request of a pax who was too lazy or thoughtless to charge their own phone. I didn’t create the problem, so I’m not inclined to solve that problem without proper compensation.

It’s something to rinse them off with if they puke? Happy drunks are better than obnoxious ones? I usually have it in a cooler in my car anyway (hate to pay out the tuchus at a gas station when I’m driving normally), and since it’s so cheap at Costco, I don’t think it’s too big of a deal.

Maybe we should all be selling concessions. If uber gives us shit, we can just point out that article about the jeweler who sells shit to uber pax where uber was quoted as saying that they encourage that sort of thing.

Chilled water on ice, freshly plucked from the cooler and lovingly placed in the car door cup holders mere minutes before pulling up. At one point, I even supplied mini bags of pretzels.

I agree. A case of bottled water at CVS is $2.00. So roughly 9 cents a bottle. The cheap asz drivers who talk about their riders like they are the lowest form of dirt who only care about themselves are self indulgent losers.

They say they are 5 star and I call Bull sh@t. Keep up that positive attitude. A lot of Big City drivers are caustic. If they wanted to make better money they could learn a trade, most of them are to lazy to try and better themselves.

I have cold water AND chargers. When you buy water by the case, it is dirt cheap. As far as NOT carrying water because of something that happened in London, I couldn’t care less.

Uber loves drivers who don’t understand certain concepts in business; it heavily fogs the issue of revenue vs costs vs profit vs earnings, and such drivers can’t see the forest for the trees.

Oh, that’s a made up story about London. The point is, there’s no upside to providing free shit. However, if it makes you feel like you’ve made a friend and you cherish such an emotion, then by all means continue to provide.