Pax with a rating of 5 are newbs

After a month their rating drops. I had one pax whos rating was 4.9 after using uber for 3 years, but those are rare. Ive given 5 stars to PAX with 3.8 ratting and 1 star to pax with 4.8 rating.

I dont work the drunk shift; college kids. At times, i pick up pax around 1am who were out late for business meeting, some had few drinks, some are sober. Some get 2 stars and some get 5 stars. I play it by ear.

Don’t pick up drunks that have placed pin in wrong position.
Don’t work drunk shifts. It always works. 4.88 and I don’t offer anything other than charging cables and gum. If I take a gum while pax in car, only then I ask if they want as well.

Cool, I am 4.8 as we speak. I’ve fluctuated this weekend between 4.94 and 4.8 using my above listed techniques. A wrong turn seriously messed me up on one run.

I let them know that a 4 is not a good rating and is actually a fail. I start the conversation by asking them if they would like to know there rating.

It doesn’t matter how nice you are. As was mentioned, it depends more on what time you work. The rating system is trash. I was wondering why my rating was falling recently, but then I realized I completely switched to weekend when I used to only do business/airport trips before.

Funny how the rating comes back to them though. Like I’ve been saying, picking up low rated people increases your chances of getting a low rating. Ideally you want to pick up perfect 5’s who are NOT new users but actually awesome riders. Too bad they’re so rare.

Passengers are moody like most of us. Rating system is flawed, No matter what you do to treat good the PAX, most of the time passengers rate depend on their mood and NOT the service provided by the driver.

I’ll be honest; i dont connect with 2/3 of the pax, with 1/3 pax i have great convos. Im introvert, so statistically i should be talking to 1% of the pax. Instead, i challenge my self at all times to make a human connection.

I’m sure 99% of pax or even 100% I could find a topic that we could connect on. But they don’t want to connect on anything, they want to disconnect, and I hate disconnecting from reality.

Why do you think they always bring up the topic of Uber? They want to find something to make them forget about their boring lives. Uber is interesting to them. That’s why they’re taking it in the first place. I don’t think Uber is interesting. I think Uber sucks. It’s a very sad situation, indeed.

Current system is definitely not perfect but its an average of course so you’re bound not to get 100% moody PAX all the time. Provide stellar service 100% of the time and your rating will average over time will most likely reflect that. Guess you really have to strive for perfection.

In the 3 weeks I’ve been doing this I have worked the early morning hours for folks going to the airport and early worker bees and the occasional walk of shame person. So far, I’ve enjoyed their company and have had good conversations.

I almost always give 5 stars. unless they do something that is a jerk move. I dont care where they are going, why they are going there. Take an employee home? im no moral judge, who cares, they were nice in the car. 5…