Pax went on an interview with jeans and flip flops

Just dropped off a pax who had an interview at KFC. She’s in jeans and flip flops smh I should wait before they tell her to turn around and put on something a little more professional.

Lol i tell my son still dress professional even if its a fast food job i seen people dress in short shorts and flip flops asking for applications

Let me tell you if they came in professionally dressed espcially if had a resume in hand even if never had a job they pretty much would get hired with me unless they just said something crazy off the wall in the interview.

yes its so important to dress professional, thanks for advice too my son looking for another job I will tell him to keep his resume in hand too

Way to funny i was a GM for 15 years in the restaurant business. I was with KFC for 6 years. If they walked in looking like that it would have been a 4 minute interview. My employees always knew if i was going to hire someone because the interview lasted 15-20 min if hireable. If not hireable they got 5 minutes or less.

Wow i had a interview for 15 min and i didnt get hired i thought i was i got hired for job friday interview was 5 min hired on spot im like that was odd lol

No, it’s her parents fault. If someone isn’t taught something, how do they know what to look up? You can have all the tech and information at your fingertips, but if you don’t know any better. Well…

They’ll hire her, they won’t give professional people the time of day cause they don’t pay shit

It’s KFC what they pay 8 bucks an HR part time cause of course they don’t want to pay anyone benefits!

Some people need help. Yes, she is underdressed, but you have to roll with what you have. Keep quiet

Your job is to get the passenger from point A to point B. The rest is up to them. You seem to complain a lot on Facebook regarding your passengers. I find that unprofessional. Just get the job done. Be happy & move on, share some inspirational rides, not the negative ones. You’ll be happier in the long run:)

I guess ur not allowed to share ur opinion or it offends people. People need to worry about themselves.

There is such a thing as over-dressing for an interview. But even for a min-wage job, jeans and flip-flops are a no-no.

When i worked at McD’s there were lots of people who came in wearing shredded up sweatpants to their interview and still got hired… they didnt last long tho