Pax want to cancel their ride

On my way to the airport got a lux suv ride. 8 minutes later pax calls and says they found another ride and ask me to cancel so they don’t get charged 10 dollars. I told her they needed to cancel. She has not cancelled yet. What do I do?

I’d go to the pick up area and wait it out if she doesn’t want to cancel. Guess I’ll waste the time to go there anyway and someone want to cancel because of some reason. If me, I wont cancel it…

How did she find another driver? I really hope drivers are not poaching other drivers’ rides at the airport again. That’s just shady and shameful. Drivers rolling up on passengers and offering them a cash ride that’s cheaper than the ride they already requested on the app.

A driver poached my ride at the twelve yesterday lol bum ass… Uber SUV cancelled, I went anyway and saw this driver who was parked there loading their luggage, I just shook my head.
I know he haggled the price down to get them to do that.

I am very naive to this poaching thing. Please explain. I was guessing that’s what you were gonna say. Someday those drivers will be in serious harm’s way for taking cash rides with no security trail. It’s sick.