Pax tell me how

Last night I had a pax tell me how if I stayed in college I wouldn’t have to do this job, I stayed quiet an listen to his rant, once I got to his destination I asked him what do you do for a living he works at Best Buy…lmfao

I have a college degree and working on my second. I would of told him to kiss it! Dumbass. Please tell me you laughed. How did you even get on that subject?

Retired Entertainer who simply is making a little extra money to supplement my income. And it keeps down my boredom. I don’t consider myself above or beneath anyone! I enjoy what I do most of the time. I like People! Until I get challenged by a jerk who will never know… My life has been a wonderful success of not only entertaining others but helping others as well! Just because we provide a service to others in need does not make us beneath anyone! Sure wish the pay was what it once was. Vehicle maintenance is not cheap and if you’re riding with me…you are in a safe/maintained vehicle!!!

lol its only funny because he thought he was better. Take it from me ass nigga😭 I have a bachelor’s degree. Still ubering. Nah, ppl who are in higher positions mention their title. Lol

Ha. Just because you love the hustle doesn’t mean you’re more, or less of person. I make 6 figures at my real job, starting to earn a little on my fledgling logistics business, and still do RideShare.

If I’m sitting around doing nothing, I might as well be out taking people’s money.

Oh, and I never went to college.

the Indians get like that too - I think in their country it’s considered a job that’s bottom if the totem pole - I would just simply show them how much u can earn.

Yep. Have a master’s, a good job and using this to pay off debt and fund my business…some people are just rude. best buy dam near bankrupt

Same thing happened to me… Half way to destination, I told him I have 3 degrees, and retired at 55. He got real damn quiet. Poor thing. It’s ignorant to assume someone is uneducated based on things they choose to do for money🙏

I have never met a rude rider- yet. I know that it is coming but still… omg. My friends works for the FBI and he drive uber because he likes meeting new people in the area.

It’s crazy to assume someone isnt educated because they do rideshare. I have multiple college degrees but drive uber because of the flexibility i get in scheduling. It doesnt matter that I’m educated…havent found a job that gives me this kind of flexibility…

So in other words he was trying to put you down yet he makes less than you and doesn’t even have his own transportation. I have 3 college degrees and drive for rideshare because I also have a business. Lol. Fuck that dude!! College degree or not, it’s your business if you choose to drive rideshare.

so thats why I made the comment “ikyl” meaning I KNOW YOUR LYING” as to if that person isn’t doing any better than u than who can they judge u n any way.:grinning:

ease of making money doing nothing. I agree my education is not being used when I drive but the easy money and flexibility make it hard to beat. Lol I went to trade school but I still do this on the side get you money keep smiling the bank.