Pax route recommendation jeopardize the entire fare

Once I got this guy that told me he knows an alternate route to avoid paying tolls. Fine! So I followed his suggestion. I realize that I got heavy traffic, used dirt and flooded roads (rains a lot that day), and my shiny car looked like a mess after all, not to mention that he spent double of time so he pays more for the mileage and time…After this nightmare I gave him One star… But the revenge comes just after that because my rate dropped a little bit.From that day when a pax tell me to change the route other than the one that the GPS creates, I automatically drop 2 stars. Period!

I would negotiate an up front gratuity to compensate the time lost to deadheading back, gas, wear and tear. Those trips aren’t that great at all when you consider those factors. If they aren’t up for it, cut them loose. You may get a “denied destination” report, but why do this gig at all if it’s not profitable? Uber is certainly profitable.

That is the easiest way to get a low rating and a report to Uber. Which is why I never ask for a tip to complete the trip. I simply say it is out of my comfort zone and not profitable.

That’s your business, but it’s completely ethical and clearly within the bounds as an independent contractor. I’ve had plenty of riders who felt it suited their needs, too, and were willing. The truth is, most people know this job pays peanuts and customers will typically will be as cheap as they can be, but are actually willing to pay a fair rate for a fair service.

Well I have been doing it for months and have t recorded any report or warning. If you ask pax when they get in the car for the address, they are still pissed anyway and they can still report you so what’s the difference?

When you dont start the trip they cant rate you or report you. You texting pax a) gives them the opportunity to send uber a ss of your text b) allows them to ignore your text.

I just don’t like the idea of pax getting in my car then going out of my way to ask them for destination. More often than not I will take the ride, but on the rare occasion I don’t want the ride and have to kick them out, that’s uncomfortable. Also horrible experience for the rider and I don’t care to argue with pax, which will most likely happen

They can’t rate you, but they can report you. On the pax app all they have to do is go to driver history and select an issue. Multiple reports of kicking out pax will raise red flags to the point that your word will no longer be considered

n’t care about ratings. Just as long as it’s high enough to continue using the app. Making money is more important to me. It’s sad us drivers have to go thru this crap, but with Ubers F*cked up business model, we have no choice.

I’m a strange one. I just drive. When I know I have to be somewhere else at a certain time I simply figure where would a typical ride take me, farthest away. Here mostly it’s 1 hr to 90 min trips are the farthest, usually business guys not wanting to take the train back down to DC. I know to get there and back, and still be where I need to be, what time I need to log off. Then I go offline until I’m clear again.

One time I asked a pax where they were heading. Once. Basically I was on the highway headed toward DC when I got a ping slightly behind me. It’s getting into evening on a Friday and a nasty rain storm was starting so hey if I can avoid DC all the better. Because of the way i was traveling, ETA was 24 minutes. I know the area and a 15-25 minute ETA out in the farm country can be pretty standard. I contacted the pax and let her know I was on my way, I just had to get to the exit to get to her and let her know what the ETA was.

Don’t start the trip until you know the destination. If you don’t want it, kick them out. Make up an excuse like you have to get to your REAL job in 30 mins or you’ve already been driving 11.5 hours and it would be illegal to drive over 12. Or tell them the truth. Whatever you want, depending on your local laws.

I do them, people talk about dead miles but I have yet to accept a long trip and not get a nice size tip, as you mentioned the pax said they often times get kicked out. Making them more appreciated by my 96 minutes worth of driving.

You can always use your final destination if it’s an option in your area to pick up ppl going the same direction you are to help with the dead miles. Idk if I’d gotten lucky or w.e but I’d do a few pick ups along my way back even though it wasn’t a full fare back home it still covers gas burned for those trips.

I don’t know about you but I am not just trying to cover my gas expense. I am driving to turn a profit. I have declined several trips as they would not be profitable.

He did mention it was a long trip aka far from home, how is that not a profit. Try reading the question being answered I said cover gas as an example as to why you should use the final destination and assuming you have enough time. Most the time those trips do eat a bunch of your time but it beats sitting around on a slow day.

I did read the post. Long trips mean that you have double the time driving. I calculate how I am doing based on (earning minus expenses) per hour for the week. I will not take a trip that take me out to no where and have to drive back with no one in the car (exception for Tahoe at $1.85 per mile and $0.45 per minute).