Pax pissed in my car

Uber done pissed me off! So this girl pissed in my backseat yesterday. I reported it to Uber and she was charged $150. Why the heck did Uber give her my phone number and she’s calling me asking ME why she was charged? Dafaq don’t play dumb with me. I got proof chick! Nasty lil bit**. I had to pay to professionally have my car cleaned. Fuq outa here!

Uber support like, “We don’t understand any words coming out of this Foreigner’s mouth! Give her the Driver’s number, let HER deal with this mess!!!”.

Shii. I cussed her ass TF out. Like you know what you did you nasty! Get the faq off my phone. Had to block her ass!

I’m not letting them get away with nothing! I got my fee. They got handled for giving out my info n that chick calling me so boom :boom:

You should have given her a bed pan dont you carry one inside the snack box? O yes and some tissue but you can get towels free at Quick Trip!!

Happened to me once, then Uber asked if they can give him my number because he claimed to have left keys in my car.

Happened to me once, then Uber asked if they can give him my number because he claimed to have left keys in my car. Tre dude that they asked to give my number IS the one that pissed in my car!

Luckily with me they asked first.

Where did you go to get it cleaned. I had a passenger pee in my car too. Now I’m getti g lpw ratings because of “dog” smell.

Ohh Hale nahh!!
She got your number from when she booked, you kno they get it that’s how you can call and say you outside etc. vice versa

Uber allows google phone numbers on drivers profiles but Lyft doesn’t in case anyone is interested U need to ck on how she got your number because they ask me can they give the passenger my number because she left her phone in the car.

Stupid fucking cunt, why didn’t she just ask to stop at a gas station right quick? I could never do this to someone’s car…wtf…

:sweat_smile::sweat_smile::sweat_smile::sweat_smile: maybe im missing something here…Im trying to go get my Car Washed, but if its not a Professional wash, i dont want it…:sweat_smile::sweat_smile::sweat_smile:

The lady that peed in my car was elderly and handy capped (wheel chair) I was more pissed with the home healthcare worker when I dropped her off. Who was angry she was going to have to change her clothes. Why wouldn’t they make sure she had on a depends?

Those types of rides I’ve started to turn down. There are companies that are designed to handle those kinds of passengers. Its to much of a liability for me