PAX modify trip while in motion

Has anyone ever had a passenger in Uber modify the trip while in motion and then at the end you only see the start stop destination without stops in between!? When I called support to complain they are telling me I am compensated the same but I don’t buy it. Why else would the rider change instead of booking stops? Unless they are paying less. I didn’t realize til the trip was over what had happened.

Support was correct. There are no extra charges or payments for additional stops. The additional stop update in the app is for record keeping plus driver knowledge and navigation.

I only made $8 for a 40 minute trip. I just don’t see how that can be correct. Like wouldn’t I get paid for time for each stop.

Stop 1: Hearthridge Ct, Raleigh, NC 27609
Stop 2: (Exon) 5436 Six Forks Rd, Raleigh, NC 27609
Stop 3: (Chick-ful-a)4154 Main at North Hills St Suite 114, Raleigh, NC 27609
Stop 4: Hearthridge Ct, Raleigh, NC 27609

As crappy as it sounds, you were paid correctly. You make just over ten cents a minute which means you get $6 an hour if you don’t move an inch for waiting.

10 cents a minute!!! we get .2025 here in Denver.

Were you stops way off the route ? If you do a google maps from A to B, is it 6.7 miles ?

yeah, if the mileage is right, then this is correct. When you are sitting and waiting, you are only getting the 10 cents a minute ($6/hour).

Nope. Those are when we hope they tip well or we stand by the five minute or less rule. It’s why a lot of drivers won’t do stops. I will but gauge whether I push the time limit on them by the convo we were having.

your rider bent you over and you took it happily. Now you know better - no stops. I don’t do even one for anyone unless I’m on an XL trip and they tip me in advance. 2 years Uber / Lyfting in Vegas mostly part time 2700 trips 4.96 rating… They I ask and I say no, I will drop and you can re order…adios baby!!

thanks never had an issue until today. Sad people know how to work the system. Guess it’s just like with the government

You drive for 10 cents a min and 50 cents a mile? It’s hard enough with what we make here, how can you have this make sense financially?

I know what you’re saying. I prefer riders book stops too. My theory is is that just in case your mileage is worked out incorrectly you’ll be able to see all the stops and work out the more accurate fare.

They get an email receipt. Maybe she/he didn’t want a spouse, girl/boy friend or boss to know where they were really going.

I have. I picked up a woman going one place and asked if I could wait for her and then take her somewhere else. I didn’t end the trip at the first stop. I got paid for the entire trip

The fare is completely correct. This is why waiting for clients is NEVER in your best interest. I really think wait times should be 50¢/min or even $1. Never call Uber Support because they don’t do anything to help drivers

how is it a scam? They convert from upfront pricing to mile and minute when they change the destination. You get paid the same way in either case.

It is not a scam when the pax is using a feature built into the app. Please understand the pay structure.