PAX lack of accountability irked me the most

Recently went to the address shown and where the pin was. Nice house, confirmed address matched. Entered the long driveway and stopped in front of the house. lights on, people moving around inside. after 2 minutes , i text pax and say I’m waiting at the requested location. About that time a man with a flashlight in one hand and i don’t know what he had in the other hand, comes out of the house. He asks " can i help you?" I said i have an uber request from this location. he says noone here ordered one. At that point i confirmed the address and said sorry, I’m out of here .

I know during slow times if I get a request let’s say to the local tech college and I’m in route when they cancel I will sometimes continue on to that location.

Reason why is many time people request rides then have something come up and cancel them and re request them within 5 minutes. Now if it’s busy or of its a ways off no I will not do this but I have gotten pinged again by same rider within a couple minutes of canceling and got the ride because I Continued on to the desrinatikn I only do this for business locations or public locations like a college or a resturaunt.

No don’t knock on the door that happened to me I pulled up and she cancelled so I sat there she didn’t see me and she requested again got me I accepted the request sat for a couple minutes and I cancelled

Read she waited until late got there and cancelled then she cancelled again but she kept getting me so I cancelled I guess you can say it was spiteful but don’t waste my time

You can hang in the area but don’t go to the house and never knock on the door for any reason. Half the time it’s not the correct address.

Bad idea! You might frighten them. It sucks but that is how it is. I like to believe that these cancelled rides are unimportant, and short. People do not order an Uber to the airport out of an impulse. But a ride to the grocerystore or the bar Just 2 miles away they do.

Ok, it is a terrible idea to knock on their door. Many times passengers cancel because they put the wrong pick up address in, so sometimes I keep driving towards them or stop and wait to see if they request a ride again, but I never actually go to the original address and wait. That’s a bit stalker-ish.

Either have them re-request Uber, hoping that I pick up the request, since I’m the closest Uber driver to them…or, if they accept my offer to give them a ride outside of Uber, it’s possible that they may pay me out of pocket, or at least offer me a generous tip. If the person I offer a ride outside of Uber is decent, I highly doubt they would think they are getting a free ride.

Welcome to the cab buisness, you just have to love it, thats how people are ,they change their mind,or who comes first ,then they just cancel the 2nd ride. one time one lady called for a cab three times, and three drivers showed up almost at the same time. then has the courage to say why they sent 3 cabs.

If you’re lucky, they would call the police. If you’re not, you might end up with a gun in your face. Were you just venting or were you seriously considering this as a potentially good idea?

Get into an accident off app, you’re in the hole for a lot of money. A lot. Of. Money. Don’t even consider doing this.

Never ever offer/accept outside Uber. I occasionally get a request to accept cash and outside Uber/Lyft and I decline because it is illegal and same as street hail. It is too creepy to go to their house. Move on and wait for another request.

Do NOT knock on someone’s door.
That’s beyond creepy and I’d report you if I was a pax.

You are not a taxi. Never ever accept trips off the app. You’re asking for trouble with the boys in blue. If someone cancels a ride, either they don’t want the trip, they don’t want you as a driver, or they are confused.