Pax have two options: walk or cancel!

I am a big believer in making pax walk! I pull directly in front of the address and if they are not there they need to walk…walk down the block, around the corner, across the street, wherever. These pax and they dumbass pin misshaps are not stressing me out.

Pax have two options: walk or cancel!

Agree. I had one pax angry because I went next door apart bldg instead of his then he was telling me to cut in and out. Then I hear him on the phone he going to therapy cause he was hit. Poor girl thought it was her fault. No wonder why he got hit.

“My app says you’re here, but I don’t see you”

“I’m at the exact location of the pin”

long pause

pinches bridge of nose

That’s the most common one. One lady did Ralphs and was like I dont see you. I am directly in front. I said me too. I tell her describe…she is at the other Ralphs across town!!!

I always make them walk and if the ping is at a spot where i cant pull over, i keep driving until i find a safe spot to pull over.

I found 1 issue since i started doing that, pax seem to tip more often when i dont force them to jump out of my car in the middle of traffic, and pull over to the side! $$$

Sometimes they try and get me to make a u turn to pick them up, I ignore them and wait for them to walk or 5 mins up so I can cancel. Its faster for them to just walk. Smh!

I don’t actually care where the pin is. I pull over to the closest safe legal spot and put on my emergency lights. It could be at the spot they’re at or it could be a few doors down or even half a block down. I just let them know when they finally do reach my car “i’m sorry I couldn’t pick you up at the other spot because it would’ve been illegal and unsafe”. But you’re right, if they are not willing to go walk across the street, especially on a lyftline call where we are already going in the correct direction, then I call them and tell them where to meet.

You do know that the app and GPS are not always pinpoint accurate right? The app gives the option to use current location, some people don’t even realize they can type an address when they are new users. How about a little customer service and empathy.

Most of the time it is user errror. I have taken many rides, the pin is always where i put it, unless i enter address. But the question at hand is lazy pax that dont wanna walk lol

Citizen GPS is not accurate to the exact spot. In the US they are at best 7.8 meters accurate 95% of the time and depending on the location that can put you on the wrong side of the building, etc. If not too far out of the way I give then the choice to walk to me or I’ll drive around the block on the clock.

Pax put the ping wherever they want. 8 meters/24’ is acurate enough. Problen is lazy or drunk pax that just hit request and expect us to know where they want to get picked up. Or they want us to stop in the middle of strert and blovk traffic risking our doors getting ripped off, and yes ive seen and met a few drivers that has happened to.

I’ve been driving for two and half years and I have actually have a lot of patience, however many times passengers think we can pick them up in an unsafe spot. It is not only sometimes illegal but we are putting both passengers and our own vehicles at risk if we do this so it does help to educate the passengers about good spots to be picked up. It makes for a better experience all around. I have actually seen other drivers get rear ended because they tried to pick someone up in a bad spot. Also I see so many drivers not using their emergency lights when they are picking someone else up. It helps them visually find us and it also alerts other drivers what we are doing. Also I have encountered the inaccurate pin drop way more often on Uber than on Lyft. There have been lots of comments on driver forums about this very issue.

You’d be perfect for Vegas, all of our casinos have certain zones that are allowed for pick up only and people hate walking so I love to watch them have to walk

I hit the arrow button and then talk to them like a hostage Rescue Team just keep him on the phone for 5 minutes and then canceling

There are instances when an address is entered and the app pings out something different that what was put into the call request. There are also many buildings with no street number showing and there are MANY addresses where its an apartment complex, with no apartment or building number indicated. Finding the pax is the most difficult part of the job, no doubt.

I had one who pinned 3houses away. Then discovered i was 3houses from her. She came after 4 min and insisted i pull up 3 houses. I didnt. Did get my money for a no show

I just had three the other day jump at my car before I could even round the corner at a controlled intersection. I was like wtf I could have been rear ended because you idiots wanted to get into my car before I could even pull off the road. Luckily there was a complete language barrier between us or else I would have lost my mind on them. I dropped them off and rated their asses low for being stupid.

Nice!!! I love it… I hate the pin drop… imagine a pin drop from somewhere out of space, and that’s supposed to be where we’re supposed to know where the fk they are…smh!!!

The pin drop is actually a very good option to have. We just have to educate the idiots that cant figure out when & where to use the function. Example residential addresses and small business, the address function is fine, but when picking up at a park, the beach, amusment park, mall, stadium etc. That is where the pin drop makes sense