Pax did not bring car set for toddler... Gets aggressive!

Tonight, i had 2 request of 2 people per ride. Thw 2nd request , involved 2 ladies and 1 toddler, maybe less than 2 years. The lady did not bring a car seat, i told her that is against tos to let them ride as she did not bring it and at the same time having 5 people on the ride it is also illegal. Pax refused to cancel, and she got so angry to the point she was getting aggresive. I was feeling the situation with a little threat and had to involve a police officer. The officer told her to leave the vehicle and cancel the ride. She left the car but she did not comply to the police request. I left, with the 2nd request hanging, having diffilcuties reaching the first pax destination.they guided mex and decided to give them a free ride as courtesy for the incovenience. Either way, 5 bucks wont hurt me. I contacted critical support, and they have taken heavy measures against the 2nd pax. One serious violation of tos was bringing a child without a car seat.

You did the right thing. What kind of mother didn’t bring a car seat for her child?

Apparently a lot of them I’ve had to cancel three or more rides in the past few months because of it. Two times it involves not only an infant, but also a toddler and a young child. (One had two kids the other had three)

The one lady knew full well. “It’s because of the infant isn’t it?” I said “yes and because if the older child who also needs to be in a car seat”.

I’m not risking a ticket for child endangerment with a toddler of my own at home.

I dont know, but the safety of the toddler is important to me, the safety of others as well. Dont like lyft/uber tos, then contact them. Simple as thay

When I pull up to a pax with a child, I won’t unlock the doors until I confirm they have a car seat. If they don’t, I tell them to cancel and if they won’t cancel I do and immediately contact support.

Hell no if they won’t cancel wait the 5min no show them and then reach out to uber no reason you shouldn’t be paid for your time.not your fault they don’t care about tos

Who are these maniacs who put their children in the car (with a stranger, no less) with no car seat? It’s mind blowing to me. Surely they don’t just expect you’ll have a random one on hand?

A lot of riders think we carry car seats or they say, “All the other Uber drivers let is do it.” and it’s true. I’ve watched multiply drivers pick up infants with no car seat.

Never provide safety seats for kids, if anything happens they will argue faulty equipment or improper installation, this is why you always make the pax provide the safety seat and make them install it.

As if this wasn’t enough, i just went to this gas station at the wrong place at the wrong time, just to refuel my car. 2 girls fighting with PUNCHS!!!. I better get off the road!! too crazy, i m going to get some burgers and relax at home!! i wont risk anything just for a few more bucks.

If they refuse to cancel, wait the required time and cancel as a no show and get the cancellation fee.

Wth would you not want your child safe??? You did right. One thing I don’t play is anyone getting aggressive with me in my shit!

I have a car seat and booster seat in the truck of my van. But then I also have grandbabies so it’s a win win

Until you have an accident, then they can Calimesa faulty equipment improper installation and you are liable. It is never a good idea to provide or install the safety seat. Always make the pax provide and install them, thus minimizing your liability.

I have one this week and that she could not believe that I could not take a child without a car seat going to the airport with a mountain of luggage. I asked if they had a car seat in their personal vehicle and they said yes but they didn’t want to pay the fee to take it on the airplane.

With Uber they don’t care, they send a generated, formed email apologizing. And don’t do anything to the rider. Ubers only concern is $$$