Pax complain about nothing

Got a text from lyft that a pax had complained that my car wasnt clean.
I wash and clean my car twice a week. Have febreeze and even cough drops. i guess some people are so miserable they have nothing else to look forward to but complaint about nothing…

I had complaints about dirty car. Called Lyft. Nothing I can do as cold as it is in upstate ny. With the dirty salty roads my car gets splashed with that. If I go through car wash my doors would freeze up. They understood and took those complaints off my record and raised me higher. They can tell when one passenger would say best Lyft they’ve ever ridden against a dirty car

It has happened to me as well. I am not sure why people complain when there is nothing to complain about. I shake out my floor mats when I stop for a break and I keep cleaning wipes and air freshner in my car. I spot clean between rides and I have my car washed and vacuumed regularly. I keep my car clean whether or not I am driving with Uber or Lyft.

Cough drops… is that for the car too? :joy::joy::joy:

I wash the cars and clean the cars everyday I do Uber/Lyft… and people still complain… fuck them!

I have had other drivers get a ride from me and give low stars for nothing. No comment even, just a one or two star. I think just to be a dick.

Next time tell them there is good news and there is bad news. Let them pick which one they want to hear first. The bad news is that they care. The good news is that you don’t care. You can also tell them that if you would have known they were out today you would have stayed home. Don’t forget to tell them to have a nice day as they exit your car.

I always tell them to have a nice day. A great day to the miserable ones…

I agree. Some people just can’t be pleased. I vacuum my vehicle every other day. Clean the windows inside and out 3 times a week, wash it twice a week and use Lysol and air freshener.

Same thing happened to me and they even said it smelled. I go through the car wash every day to wash and vacuum and spray.

As soon as a rider says something about your car that makes you unhappy, pull over and ask them if they want to order another ride.

Buy a long rubber mate both side sife from auto zone and put it in The passenger side in The back . That is the only solution .

Kicked my friend out in Philly because of Passenger complained about her car being dirty and I know for a fact she keeps her car spotless because I’ve driven it several times before she even started driving for Uber or Lyft wow