Pax cancelled ride. Got cancellation fee and $7 for a jump start

My hubby accepted a pax about 8 miles from home. Just as he got there, the guy cancels and tells my hubby he needed a jumpstart for his car. Hubby got the cancellation fee, but since he was already there he gave the guy a jump, and was given $7. I guess he got a little more than he would have by driving the guy somewhere. What would you have done?

Better than nothing I suppose? Would have told him to call one of those cab companies to jump it had it been me. That just seems all kinds of sketchy, and you could help them and they could just say great, see ya never sucker!

I’ve had this happen to me before, no worries, and was able to help someone. $5 tip and cancelation fee.

Til that one time you fry your ECU and have to pay $1,000 for a new one and reprogramming

The risk to your safety and possible damage to your car is totally not worth it. In the state of Texas, every driver has roadside assistance, and the number to call is on the back of their driver license.

I told him that I don’t offer that type of service, specially because your car can suffer damages by jumping a car with a bad alternator it can cause a short. So I offered him to take him to a gas station so he cut buy some cables and ask someone else for a jump. On our way to the gas station I saw a tow truck parked and we stopped and ask him for help. And he did so we went back to the car, and the tow truck guy help the Pax. And I got paid like $4.00 plus $5.00 tip.

What the hell is wrong with all of you people? I don’t give a damn if it was under false pretense. You get there and somebody needs a jumpstart I don’t even charge people for that. There was a time in this land that people just did the right thing for the right reason whether people were looking or not. Some people call it being Good Samaritan I just call it being a good neighbor. It should not be such an issue to do something like that. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve pulled over on the side of the road to help dig somebody out or try to pull them out of the ditch or jump start them. No pat-on-the-back needed that’s just the way you’re supposed to act. Be an example to the younger Generations.

Coming across someone who needs a jump start is different then someone who lies to get one. There is a fine line between Good Samaritan and sucker.

Instead of looking at it as a sucker thing though maybe you can understand they may not have had anyone else they could call. Or maybe they ordered an Uber thinking they were just going to take an Uber but then they realized hey maybe they can just give me a jump start and I can drive my car to work.

Older cars didnt have all the electronics new cars have . you can do major damage jumping a car

3 years ago I got out to jumpstart someone and I was robbed at gunpoint. You have your beliefs and that’s good but don’t shame others for doing something else!

I carry a jump pack, for myself more than other people but, will use it any time someone needs it.…/Stanley-1000-Amp…/13035281

To those who want to help out someone in distress, that’s perfectly fine. But, those who choose not to have valid reasons for not doing it. In the state of Texas, every citizen with a driver license has free roadside assistance, and the 800 number is on the back of the license. It’s quite selfish and rude to rob someone who is working of a chance at a decent fare and possibly damaging their vehicle when you could have called a service that your tax dollars already pays for.

If someone ordered an Uber under false pretenses that would tick me off. Now if the guy ordered Uber and called me and told me the situation I would do it. Just call the driver after you’ve ordered the Uber and explain it. Everybody’s happy.

Or you can use one of these bad boys! USB jump starter!!! A friend of mine has three of them and they have started vehicles that have been dead dead dead batteries! They work great !!!:slight_smile: fits in the glove box and extremely portable :slight_smile:

Anyone who wouldn’t help in this scenario deserves to be stranded without help while working. Maybe if you call for an Uber to help you you’ll get lucky to get one of us humans.

We’re pretty much all on the same page… he helped cause that’s who he is… he was concerned that UBER might have had a rule against it.

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It said you get charged a cancellation fee…so I assumed it was me that got charged and wondered why! I’m new at this…so, still learning.

We don’t get charged for cancelations. We get paid by the passenger(pax) for a cancelation. Once your app says you can cancel, you really should. I would not wait longer than Uber/Lyft expects us to. That just keeps you from receiving a trip request that will make you money. Yes, you get paid for distance AND time, but the time payment is minuscule. You’ll go broke pinning your hopes to your time payment. Sometimes you just gotta cancel, because it’s the right thing to do for you financially, for your family. I’ve canceled a ride at a hotel before after waiting my five minutes, drive down the street, and I got pinged by them again. I figured they were finally ready, so I accepted it. I made that cancelation fee, plus a $5.00 fare, AND they rated me 5-stars and thanked me for coming back, apologizing for not being ready.