Pax cancel trips during the ride

Pax cancelling trips during the ride… how do you proceed? I was able to message support and get my fare handled , but it seems like pax can do this and get away with it? No ratings hit? No reprimand? They just stated that wouldn’t pair me up with that rider again. But what about the next driver she tried to get over on?

I had that happen to me and i wasnt compensated i was nice enough to drop them off so next time if it ever happens im pulling over and letting them out. That is what is supposed to happen. When a pax cancels, the ride is terminated and so is the need for the driver’s service.

Pull over and inform them that they canceled and are no longer covered by the insurance provided by Lyft/Uber and they need to exit the vehicle. Happened to me bit i was able to SS the ride

When they cancel the ride ends immediately even if it’s on the shoulder of the interstate. Email support afterwards to collect. I will go to the next exit and let them off on the corner. Don’t want to be such a dick that I make a case for Uber not to pay me.


If they do not pay a cab fare then it’s theft of services but with us it’s a little different. We operate in real time so when the cancellation comes thru (instantly) we are to pull over and give the customer 2 options. 1.Re-request a trip
2. Get out.
If the customer chooses to not go with either of these options then don’t argue, threaten, scream, etc just simply dial 911 and have the passenger handled by the police
This will remove any liability from you for “fighting” with the customer. And oh yeah, DASH CAM!

I had that shit happen twice, first time I didn’t know what happened I looked and was like “something just happened and pulled over” I guess they were like oh shit and requested it again and we kept going. Before it happened a second time I started seeing people talk about the slick shit pax do and I was like hmmm… second time it happened I said “why you cancel the ride for?” then pulled over and they were like “huh?” I was like “HUH!?? What you cancel the ride for???” like dog dont play with my bread b

I’m so thankful none of this has happened to me. I try to drive where the money is. I have noticed with Lyft that their customers are more millennials and they don’t like to tip. The further you drive out (an hour outside of Atlanta), I get more Uber requests than Lyft.

Drive where the money is?? People with money are cheap too honey. There’s no way to really determine who can cancel a ride it anytime I’ve never had a rider cancel in Alpharetta, Johns Creek, Buford, Norcross, Buckhead, Brookhaven, etc. Choose the areas you drive in to get better results. My average cash tip is always between $10 and $20. Do you have mints in your car to offer, small bottled water, etc. Are you playing music to the age of the customer. Customer service is all in what you put into it.

A guy got mad at me one time it was a pool ride and he was going from Morrow Georgia to Buford Highway as soon as we’re about to get on the highway I got another request from another Pool Rider that was actually in the opposite direction he got mad and cancel the ride I told him oh well stop being cheap and then he got out the car right before I hit 75 South. He was on the corner like a $2 hoe

Happened to me last week, uber still paid me but the trip did not count towards my counted trips towards my incentive. I hate that crap too. The guy did it to me scared me a bit because if someone can try stealing 10.00 what else can they do?

Dude that did it to me, his name is Saint and gets picked up on memorial drive.

That happened to me over in the Sandy Springs area her boyfriend called the ride for her soon as she got in the vehicle I started driving about two blocks and he cancelled it and I called him back and he answered the phone and said he didn’t cancel the ride but lift gave me my money back it was raining I should have kicked her ass out my car

Was that Uber or lyft and what area of town? Do u have their name? We need to keep a running list of these thieves.
I have started taking a screenshot of every trip before I start driving, then I delete them after I have been paid

That’s what I said. Mine were two kids about 19 and the girl started yelling, “I dont even know where I am.”
I’m thinking we’ll why didn’t you cancel in an area more familiar to you? Smh. You cancel, I stop.
And she was audacious. She wanted to use my hotspot to call for help.

They bugged me too. I’m trying to reach my trip count, and that ride was off the books. Next time I’ll let the passenger out early and then have them charged for the whole ride. I should have screen shot at the beginning.

I put two girls out on the side of 85 for doing this shit to me and they beg me to take them they try to pay me cash I just told to get the fuck out my car that canceling their trip is the same as stealing

Here’s the about pax, as long as they have a valid email address & a working card they can always get back on. Uber & lyft can deactivate one account & they can create & use another

The one time this has happened to me, dude and his gf were kicked out on the side of 285. Still had 40 minutes worth of trip left. It was 2am. Idgaf. I was legit laughing in their faces as they proceeded to cuss me out. They were saying that they were gonna 1-star me. My rating is still 4.94, so.

Put them out of your car. Don’t let these scammers get over on you. I put plenty of them on the highway, street corners, and everywhere else. Don’t let them request a new ride. That will shorten your pay depending on the drop-off distance.

I pulled over on the hwy, stopped they 're ordered, I ain’t no fool use the hotel address in front of is or that’s where you will walk to, girl bye.

I dropped her at the nearest gas station (which was the closest space.)
It was a trip from the airport and there wasn’t enough space for all the luggage, kids, wife etc.
(The husband had a stinky attitude because I refused to overload the car)
When I’m on the highway I hear the wife answering his call and although they were speaking a foreign language I knew something was going on. Next thing trip cancelled. I think he didn’t know how to order another Uber because his account was on a trip but I’d he had spoken nicely about it I’m sure we would have worked out a solution.
Immediately I messaged Uber in the app. I think my rating still went down though :ok_woman::grimacing::rage: