Pax can cancel anytime during ride with or without a destination

The problem is Peter Parkers “Spidey Senses” we’re supposedly triggered and seeing that this PAX appears to know how to work the system (well she does for the un-informed driver) she could easily notify UBER that the driver drove aimlessly around apparently lost (as no destination imput until probably the final stop) and that her fare should be adjusted for a driver ineffective route to her final destination (in fact they could have done it and Peter fare could already be adjusted down as UBER does not tell you when they change your fare.) So when you smell a rat always have them input a destination as you have no documented recourse without a driver input destination.

Yep you’re the man, I stand corrected. You’re the pillar of what every driver should strive to be. I can’t believe I missed it the first read, I can’t believe I actually thought you got played (of course you should change title of thread.) I will now strive to be just like you and your keen “Spidey Senses.” I can only hope that someday I can become half the driver you are.

Some areas don’t have XL yet, usually those areas have higher x rates though, once XL hits the market there the rates begin to drop. If he has XL in his market he can pick up the x ride and have it adjusted to XL after the fact.

Did she also take your yogurt?
Seriously, do you post these stories the last few days so we can berate you? 1) when same girl cancels a surge to get non surge, you never take first 3 minutes of non surge rides…ever and especially the one who did it. 2) You driving X, if so, 5 more means 6 in the car.

You never start the ride until all are in the car or ready to do so. You cancel that ride or tell her to do so. 3) she cancels the ride and you continue on? Kick them out until all are curbside and then have her re ping you but first she must 5 star you for the trouble.

You get dumber everyday and yet you have an answer for your mistake. You don’t let the pax get the best of you. You collected the cancellation fee and then you leave. ACRO her ping or accept and drive the opposite way.

I would also ask Uber CSR about what she did. Funny how they might choose to now not take a more expensive ride but we aren’t allowed to do the same.

OMG, it gets better. He drives a mini van On X! Anything over 4 (if you are actually going to do X) means pay cash upfront as a tip. No do, no drive. Proof there is an uber sucker out there to exploit.

Trust me, there is one moron in this discussion and it is far from me. You keep on driving the 6 cylinder, give out wet, dripping, cold water, mints and wonder why someone would take your yogurt and of course the gem in this thread about you being a total suckered 3 times by one pax experience.

I don’t use ice for that very reason, moron. Yes, I’m a new driver and she taught me a lesson.

My van is what I own. It’s pretty good on gas and my PAX love it.

You can accept both so it makes sense even though I wonder why you would take non surge x rides with a XL car. Also, you politely tell them about the extra pax but there is no doubt they didn’t accidentely order X, they meant to cram 6 in what they thought was a X car and save money.

Oh yeah, I agree they were trying to scam the system, at least sometimes. But if you are an uber XL you can deal with it via the Uber support options.

No, next time you make her cancel right away after she mention 5 more. If she plays dumb and tell you she doesn’t know how to - ask her to hand you the phone and do it yourself. If she refuses - end the ride and immediately write support about party of six as a reason you had to end it.

So if a trip is canceled after you have started it, do you get paid for what you have completed? Or does it appear as if you never had a trip? What I mean is, if you travel 5 miles and then it’s canceled, do you get paid for the 5 miles or do you get nothing?

I had a girl in my car who told me she cancelled a 45 minute ride surging 2.8 about a block from her house because she realized it was going to be super expensive. She said she got a free ride out of it… What can we do?

I now drop off people that cxl just where they cxl. Next corner and I pull over and say “you ended the ride, you will be reported, please get out the ride is over”. Never got a bad score, or any score from the scam artists.