Pax ask their stupid repetitive questions

One of the first things I learned about uber was how the most truly exhausting part of the job was answering repeat questions with honesty. It’s not a conversation, it’s an interrogation. Never be honest with your passengers, to the point of grunting one-word dismissals. It’s basically what they say they want. Passengers will out and out tell you to shut up if pushed. They do not want to be engaged with on a human level, they want to be served.

Exactly, you should tell them the truth. You should tell them that you are in the charity business. You like giving your money away. You like giving people semi-free rides, rides that in reality cost much more than the small amount that they will have to pay.

You seem to be new to it. I would be curious to see if after 6-12 months of driving for Uber you will still think that getting X dollars from Uber is the same as really making X in earnings. Especially after you have a breakdown/repair or an accident that costs you many multiple times X. In the meantime, enjoy the novelty.

If they ask, I always tell them the truth. I’ve never been dinged because of it as far as I can tell.

I think they realize the only way they get an english speaking driver with a nice car is if the driver also has another job that pays better than Uber.

With lift you have to tell them that you’re an artist and are having creativity crisis.

With uber, you tell them that it’s your full time job, but not more than 6 hours a day. They don’t want tired unshowered monkey driving them

Good lord, never say you’re a wealthy stock owner or name a great job. I resent them asking where else I work at. It’s so NONE of their business. I now name a company I know doesn’t answer their phone so they can’t check up on me or make up crud cuz I ticked them off as a driver.

I get that many of your passengers may not be ideal, but do you guys realize that this is a public forum, and potentially ideal passengers can easily read the comments? I would never hire a service where its perceived employees had such a hostile attitudes. I would not take the time to read many comments to figure out that there was a reason for the attitude. I would take the comments at face value, especially if numerous other posters agreed. Just some food for thought, guys and gals.

Of course, this is why I continued to state that Uber has created a toxic environment, for drivers and passengers. Drivers feel screwed, and quickly develop a sour attitude. A new customer gets one of those drivers then complains…driver gets dinged and attitude gets worse…cycle repeats.

I tell pax how miserable is been working for 75 c per mile … That I have to work 10 to 12 hours to make $2.00 p/ hour if I’m lucky … That I lost my job because they hire new graduate … That my cholesterol is high, that is time to check my prostate and I don’t have insurance … But I’m more than happy to take you for free to any were yo want to go … I don’t know why but a been getting more tips since then LOL … UBER ON

Worst argument ever.
You want this forum to leak ass to travis, so more customers would sign up?

Go to the google play and the app store.

Read the negative comments from drivers on how uber ****ed up their lives.

They don’t know who to complain’ so they comment on the passenger app. And this app has million downvotes.
Users are abusers, drivers get fired, no money -no honey

Just saying it is hard to attract GOOD passengers when trashing them in general. Obviously drivers still have hope or they would not continue to drive, I’m just pointing out how it reflects on the drivers, from a potential passenger POV

I just tell 'em the truth. I’m a social worker. I am doing this (and other side jobs) to raise a moving fund so that I can move to Denver to be near my sister and her family.

If you want the ratings keep it positive. I tell them I have a good gig during the day and do this to support my soninlaw and family (3 kids) who was diagnosed with cancer, lost his job but is in remission, … (which is true) and I am just happy to have the opportunity to be able to help them. They love hearing that and does it seem to help with the ratings but it has ZERO effect on tips, I think it’s safe to say that most Uber riders have no idea what the word tip even means any more.

sorry to hear that about cancer, i hope every is well. but yeh, i have to agree on tip part. geezz, i even tip the homeless guy, who is doing nothing but stands on the corner. and here i am taking this rich upenn student for $5 so he can make on time to his class. oh and then they give bad rating WTF?