Pax are not even aware of the gravity of drivers situation

Pax think that we are happy because of uber’s deceptive marketing. pax think we make 95,000 a year. of coarse we wouldn’t strike if that were true. pax do not know the true rates .pax don’t know shit. they don’t know that we are tired of uber’s threats of deactivation. pax think tip is included. and you’re taking their word to see if we will make a change?

Let me tell you something since you don’t know a whole lot based on your assumptions of knowing what was discussed between myself and pax, don’t do that. You sound like an imbecile.

ok keep telling yourself that pax knows. you really think pax are concerned with and have knowledge about the commission increase or the srf hike or the no fee for cancellations? some drivers don’t even know because of ignorance and believe uber’s lies too. just like you.

The only person lying is your sorry a#$ because if you look at how you talk it is very apparent that you are way over your head!! Go back to the kiddie section and look for another job

Why would you even bring that up with passengers? That inquiry aside, of course riders are against it because they would start having to pay the real costs of hired transportation.

You know there are other ride sharing services right??!! Uber raises rates, like any other consumer in any service oriented business, they will spend their money at lyft or the one that is on the east coast that is going with aa new model for ride sharing that will make uber/lyft fees like taxi cab rates!!

As i have mentioned numerous times. You dont have to intentionally provide bad service. Just wait til you reveieve a complaint from Uber because you will eventually get a complaint even if youve been on your best behavior.

You are a newbie that sounds like you are on uber’s side. What could the pax possibly know that irks us veterans? You telling them won’t do it because you might not think there is any issue. Why don’t you start asking each pax what the cost is for them and what the srf is and the increase this week. Almost all won’t have a clue.

Before I go let me give you some wipes you sniffling whining boy!!! Don’t like the Uber way …LEAVE ,here ill call walmart near your house and tell them I have a Cart collector who needs to work by himself!!! Bye Bye crying girl lmao

If that is what is being taken to Uber without consideration for individual markets then I AM OUT. May work for some markets but making demands like that on a national level shows just how out of touch some people are with the reality of the situation. Those demands are so high that Uber won’t even take them seriously.

Instead I will continue what I have been doing and work until an hour before the Cubs games start and then log off and go home to enjoy the games. It may be seem small but it makes a point to Uber rates a to low get drivers on the road for certain events in certain markets.

Much more reasonable though I still think a market by market apprach is better. I still would like to know who is representing me to Uber in the Chicago market. I understand if you message instead posting.

Due to my financial situation and the fact I have an unusual number of regular customers that I refuse to harm I will continue with my current work patterns during Cubs games that I believe help the cause in a different way without harming my regular customers.

Almost effortless and totally useless! It’s also starting to hurt hearing about it! Forget it there is no way you’re going to get independent drivers to agree to do anything like that! Look at the response you’re getting on here. Forget it please.

This would be the electronic version of the “blue flu”. This is not an endorsement of the idea, but it follows the same model as when cops and other essential city services that are not allowed to strike call in sick.