Passengers steal stuff

Gotta love passengers that steal your stuff stole my wallet and chargers. They were freezing i cranked up the heat. Helped them with their shopping bags. They stole it while i was loading their stuff. #pissedoff. I need my ID.

Oh man. Sry to hear that. I would be pissed as well. Karma will get them and good things will still come your way. Stay positive and keep doing what ya do.

Could report it. Maybe police can make Uber give up what info they have. Further we should be able to report stolen goods to Uber,and them deactivate customers as I’ve heard they do drivers

Get you a dashcam… Uber needs to recommend it to all it’s driver for shitty PAX like such.

That’s why I don’t leave shit around or offer any added features like chargers cuz they end up doing u dirty like that! I even out my purse in trunk and carry my wallet on me.

I have nothing in my car that anyone can still. I keep my cards and money in my pocket.

Heck, people stole my vomit bags when they didn’t need them. People will take anything they can if possible.

I don’t keep my possessions within reach. If need to bring wallet, sit on it or keep in your pocket.
Advice to others

Hope you catch the people

This is a business vehicle, this is not your family car. You cannot trust anybody in that vehicle at any time. There is nothing loose in my vehicle for them to steal. I also do not allow passengers to enter the vehicle unless I am seated inside. Never have screwdrivers,spare ink pens, or anything anywhere that a passenger can reach. These are deadly weapons. Nothing in the glove box, nothing in the console

Sucks that happened to you! Invest in a fanny pack, this way, when you move it moves with you! I also dont keep anything in my car that has addy on it, not even my license and ins cards! Have pic of them on my cellphone which is pw protected!

Yes they did. Pretty sure now. They had ordered a bunch of lyft rides.

I never help anyone with their shopping bags. Not my job. I help with luggage only

Smart thing to do… keep everything locked up or out of reach… don’t offer anything at all… if they are sick toss them a throw up bag… if you conceal carry… keep your firearm on your hip or with in reach…

Aren’t you worried they will walk off with your purse if they put stuff in your trunk?

No I always get off.And lately I got a small purse that I can put at my feet it’s a crossbody so it’s small but I still put my wallet in my back pocket also stun gun and pepper spray is at my door within reach!lol

I’m sorry to be this guy but why wasn’t it in your pocket