Passenger want to change my music

Son, I just had a passenger ask me to change my music because it was “too ethnic”… mind u, I was playing a funk band. I said to her, “wow, that’s low key racist”. I changed it though… I played Public Enemy the rest of the ride. Relax to the soothing vocals of Chuck D! Lol

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I always ask their music preference. Most don’t care and say whatever I’m playing is fine. I have free pandora 1 so I just play a mix station because you’re bound to like something

I don’t ask if the ride is less than 10 minutes. I’ve learned that people are just extra so I play what I like at the moment. Since I’m a musician I’m pretty eclectic. I could play Backstreet Boys one minute then Prince the next. Lol

.YOUR VEHICLE…YOUR RULES…Not theirs…most likely won’t tip ya no way…whether ya please em or not​:joy::joy::joy::100: We’re talking about music suh :joy::joy: You ain’t never drove with me…so leave me lone

I have 2 playlists, they’re a mixture of music. Mostly edited, but I also sometimes forget to change over from what Im listening to before they get in. I have to catch the n-word, but it happens.

I play nothing. 90.1 is good for classical with NO WORDS. I refrain from music with curse words. I never listen to music with bad words or content. And sometimes I have played jazz before and get compliments…the issue is it makes me sleepy

People are PATHETIC :joy: Long as it doesn’t offend anyone then it shouldn’t bother people​:100: I’m not spoiling NOBODY :joy:I switch from jazz and apple music

One time as a Lyft rider, my driver was listening to some very sexually explicit R&B and she was singing along to it and really getting into it. I just laughed cuz I guess she got some good and it was on her mind​:joy::joy:

I have several playlist I have created on Pandora 1. I switch them up based on mood and what passenger I have with me at the time. No complaints so far. And its fun because I’m never bored with the music.

I roll up with watercolors jazz playing… and then give them a menu of 36 choices. Most of the time - they like what’s playing… and if they don’t - they get what they want. I got no problem with listening to virtually anything for the duration of a ride.

I start with something quiet that I like, then ask rider preference. Several times I’ve gotten tips from riders who said they’d never been asked before.

One time I had a group of yoga students maybe about 15-18 and their teacher I am assuming and the teacher was really uppity and Chris brown comes on I just want to f u I was like oh crap I don’t think this is appropriate lol :joy::rofl:

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I play the Blend from Sirius Radio. It’s pretty neutral. I don’t ask for rides under 10 minutes. I’ve had pax ask if he could connect his phone … WITH 2 MINUTES remaining in the ride! Crazy.

I have a playlist of various genres. So far only a few passengers have asked me to change music. Then I would ask their preferences are play those. Otherwise I play loud music all day. pops are my favourite.