Passenger still rates me 1 star

I caught a flat tire during a ride last night and had to end the ride early to. I helped the drunk passenger contact uber for a refund typing all the details for her,and also contacted uber from the driver portal to issue her a refund. Can you believe she still rates me 1 star! This is exactly why I don’t give mints and waters like you sucker drivers. I’d rather have 9 innocent passengers go thirsty than quench the thirst of a jerk. Passengers suck

That’s a very stressful situation and potentially dangerous. Glad you’re ok :smiley::smiley:

Both Uber and Lyft have so many Jerkoff Passengers it’s amazing.I almost completely stopped driving all together cause I can’t stomach the entitled fuckers anymore

I am one to carry water, mints, cookies, crackers, gum, aspirins, hand sanitizer…
As I tell all my passengers, help yourselves that’s why it’s there!! Only 10% of people take anything…
This dang lady today got in my car, and I told her if she’s interested there gum and mints etc back there, help yourself…SHE WIPED ME OUT, SHE TOOK EVERYTHING I HAD! And the gum container I get from the grocery store that holds 36 sticks!! Plus she gave me 3 stars! Unfreakinbelievable!
The only thing that calms me down over these dang happenings is, I can sleep at night very sound knowing I live my life right!

it’s not even worth it to me! My motto through life for petty stuff like that is, apparently they needed it! I’ll replace it and keep being the giver…Like I said I’m able to sleep at night, peacefully!
But, I also understand what you’re saying…

it fits in my Kia which is very tiny. It’s free for you and you make 50 cents for every item sold, even the items they offer free to the passengers.

I think I’ll stick with putting small water bottles in the car doors. :joy: to me its more a matter of principle. If she did this to you, she’s done it to others. If you don’t report her, she won’t be removed as a rider. She should be banned.

But unfortunately it is not theft. This is why the cargo system works so much better they have to order through the app and it’s tracked and puts money in your pocket. Free for all drivers

its more like a prop It’s there to look nice, as I stated only 10% of the people take anything, and I can honestly say it does help with tips! I might have spent maybe a total of $25-$30 in the last 2 months on these goodies and I have received probably close $400 if not more in tips in 2 months. ( The riders always mention out loud about how nice the gesture is ) if they do that, the goodies displayed are doing its job! Have a positive attitude Max, it works sometimes!

That’s more trash than ppl already leave. I drive xl all I offer is a local outdoor activity book for the area. That I get for free and from the grocery store. Tourism is huge here in Asheville

no body has ever left trash in my vehicle, never! That’s the difference on working, working day hours and the night hours! All this stuff fits into the door holders, my mints I put in the door, hand sanitizer and the gum fits into the middle back console.

After I got one Starred the Second time by Passengers that left the car with a smile and and thank you.I knew driving for Uber and Lyft would be rough.People are just flat out assholes. .The 5 Percent assholes ruin the whole experience

I had two flats one night at 2:15am, middle of nowhere. I ended the ride, called my son, and said the rest of the rides on me. Took my son 20 min to get there…then I drove the pax in my sons car (son in backseat) to his destination. The kicker was that the pax left his phone in my vehicle and called me in the morning, asked me to bring it to him.I did…no tip. I got 5 stars but cost me lost of time and $450 for the 2 tires.

I always check after each rider, when they don’t rate right away it’s hard…but, when your at a certain rating and 5 seconds after someone gets out and your rating drops…There’s your sign! that’s what I’m at, but I only have 434 rides under my belt, so really it’s not! There’s 14 people that rated me lower than a 5 mostly 4s but there is a few ones…thats what kills ya! I preach this everyday, if you made it safe no one deserves a 1, 3 maybe but not a 1! There’s some selfish people out there!

You can have different beliefs, but why must you call people names? Awe, you tried to break it down for me. That was so sweet of you, but I do understand that he’s just someone who’s butt hurt and lashing out at others. I personally think it’s a shitty life strategy, but to each their own. I can definitely see why driving is literally some of these people’s only option in life. And that’s sad. I lost my 5 star rating yesterday because I wouldn’t drop a guy off BEHIND a motel known for prostitution and drugs. He actually tried to argue with me about how it’s not that kind of place. Yeah, ok. Uh-huh. Let’s just pretend I haven’t picked up and dropped off there and know what kind of place it is.
But you don’t see me on here making fun of other drivers.

I don’t let the 1 out the 10 bother me. I treat people as people, not as a number.

If you’re a jerk, I deal with you probably for 30 minutes at the most and then you’re gone. No sense to let you ruin my entire day.

I had two pax the other night that requested me to stop at the store for 15 minutes. I told them I can’t because I already had another request. They became very disrespectful and have me a 1 star rating. They don’t understand. We don’t make money waiting 15 minutes for them while they are in a store. I usually do take them to stores and wait if it’s not a busy night. But Friday’s and Saturday’s are busy especially when bars are closing.

I once waited for a group of guys to let their friend catch up. It was an XL at 6.2 surge, $2.79 a minute, we waited for almost 30 mins haha. I told him I’ll do whatever you want, he’s like they usually don’t like wait, I said it’s all good bro. Right? I’m like sure guys, do whatever you like in my head, they were even apologetic

What did ya make for waiting?
Pax always at night want to stop for food I tell them $15 cash a top the fair. They say why I say because the the 30min I wait in this drive through I could be picking up another group that could be payn way more. Most will pay up and but me food too.

Well when it’s 130 am and it’s a van full of drunk ass people. And there’s a long line. And there still 10-15 minutes from there destination. Its a matter of principle. Customers are always happy. And only 1 group out of loads of trips has said no thanks.