Passenger left her keys and woke up to her nasty messages

I had a pax lose their keys last night. Didn’t even notice it I was cleaning the van before going home. A little green lanyard was poking out from under my seat. I called uber to report it but wasn’t sure which pax it belonged to.

Soo I get home at 4 am, go straight to bed. I wake up to nasty text messages from her and her friend saying things like it’s not that damn hard to answer your phone, you better give the keys back, or I’ll report you for keeping them.

I attempted to respond nicely and explain I work nights and sleep during the day and I would be available at 5 pm because I live soo far from them. It escalated to them blowing up my phone and getting nasty voicemails. I texted back letting them know I will not disrupt my life for their keys. Again staying polite and all.

They wouldn’t stop, made more threats so now I’m on my way to drop their keys off, 1 hour away in the opposite direction of where they live. Enjoy the road trip bitch!

I don’t have time for their nonsense

I had a rider leave her bag. Was cool with me taking my time. I gave her and her streamer friends a free ride from pax east, and now they are helping me on my social media career. Getting setup for some fun stuff to change the game. My riders love my personality and car and think its great. I get good tips too. Sucks you got a shitty one

That’s so nice of you I would’ve took them to the police station along with the messages and told them to meet me there.

I was the dumbass pax on Friday night that left my phone in the lyft that took me home from the bar…battery was dying …driver found it …charged it and I got ahold of him…I drove to him. .still gave him $30 and profusely apologized for him having to waste his time due to my stupidity. …we both walked away happy. …don’t blame others because you were a moron

I left my phone in an uber once. I realized they worked nights and didn’t call or text until later in the day. Never felt the need to get bitchy with them, gave them $20 because they waited for me to show up

When people go off in you stop worrying about customer service. It’s out the window, and you are getting a one from them. Report them to uber being Abusive.

I’ll deliver them personally. And I would punch the bitch in the face. But that’s just me. I had one guy send me the wrong address then curse me out over the phone. After I heard him say the name of the bae he was at I showed up at that bar, and he was there. I picked him up and showed him nicely, and he was still an asshole. So I told him to get out my car. He refused. So I took the keys off the ignition walked around to his side and gave him two choices. Conscious or unconscious either way he was getting out my car. He exited with no problems lmao

I had a woman leave her phone in my car once. I had taken her on a long trip (45 minutes), and when she called me I was a short distance away, so I drove it to her. She hadn’t tipped me in the app and gave me no money for the phone, so I charged her $5 lost item fee in the Lyft app. I could’ve done more, but I figured that at least paid the gas for me to give her the phone. Some people don’t even realize the power we yield because I could have charged her the whole $15. In my opinion, Lyft and Uber should charge the pax just like they would for a trip. If it’s 30 miles to the pax’s location, then you get the standard rate to drive that amount.

I had someone do this. I drove to the police station near my house. At first, the officer didn’t want to take the phone, but I showed him the threatening text messages from the guy. He said if the person wanted to claim the phone they would have to fill out a form wait 24 hours and then come back and pick it up. He asked if I was sure I wanted to inconvenience the guy like that and I said absolutely! I sent a message to Uber with a photo of the police officers business card and screenshots of the text messages. They told me they would evaluate that passengers access to Uber. So hopefully he got deactivated and had to wait two days to get his phone.

Police station. Or you could not have reported them in the first place and thrown away when you found them. People are always rude, and it’s not worth it. On top of that, you have an hour drive? Both ways? No thanks.

Next time tell them the police dept the one nearest YOU that they can pick them up at. Before getting a fee for returning items, ALL found items ended up at a police station. This was due to shity attitudes of paxs leaving entitled messages accusing me of stealing their shit. Two did “find my phone” and ended up at my home verbally attacking me in person. I had them both kicked off the platform for threatening me. In my opinion, every item should be dropped off at a police station for our safety. Also, they agree when they sign up for Uber that drivers are not responsible for their items.

I’d drop them off with PD. Tell the PAX what PD the keys are at. Report to uber that they have been returned and get the $15. Then block the pax number.

That’s a good idea used to work for NWA and somebody dumped $8,000 in a brown paper bag by stuffing it under a seat no ID or anything but cash in the bag coworker turned it in I’m receiving a letter saying thank you we put the money in our general fund after that I realized the best thing to do was take something that was lost to airport police and guess what I found out if nobody claims it after 30 days they give it back to you and I know not all police departments have the same policy but what the heck work for me