Passenger got confused about the color of my car

A passenger by saying that I an driving a Black Nissan instead of a Blue Green. So I drove over to the Nashville along with my registration and insurance. P.S. I cancelled her ride for yelling at me she said she couldn’t find me because of the color. What do you think ?

Definitely not black…may look that way at night but I drive a Nissan and people swear it’s a Toyota.

First people never really pay mind to what you are driving but my car is a midnight blue. At night of course it looks black.
They call and asked me all the time what color is my car. I always say Dark blue but it looks black. Uber has my color in the app as a bright blue so they be looking for this bright blue car if they even know what color they looking for.

At least she was looking at her app. damned people here walk up to my vehicle and ask if im in a silver camry. Bitch im in a black SUV. Go home youre drunk

About time a driver has the balls to cancel on idiot riders.

I am color blind. I would default to the license plate or common sense. Like calling and figuring out how to find each other.

Your car in pic HAS NO LICENCE PLATES!!! (only car max paper plate) YOU DONT EVEN KNOW WHERE TO PUT YOUR STICKER!!

This is like that dress where people couldn’t tell if it was white and gold, or blue and black.

I’ve had it several times happen to me. I drive a white Genesis and people say that it looks grey in the picture. And then I look at their picture in it still looks white to me. But it’s happened several times

Your car looks very color to me. I think that you’re fine by just saying that you’re in a dark-colored car.

My truck is grey but everyone calls it black! I’ve even heard dealership mechanics call it black. My GF called it black a year after I bought it, but it’s clearly grey!

Only males suffer from color blindness that’s a fact…Her ability to see colors distantly is another issue all together.

I used to drive a white minivan and a black Honda Accord. Somehow now Uber has me as a black minivan so I have to keep explaining to my passengers that Uber messed up.

Lol, Uber don’t have you as anything. Uber let’s you tell them what you drive. If you are listed as driving a black mini van, it’s because you send in documents and pictures of a black mini van.

Looks like a dark teal. But could pass for Black. But pax also get license plate. So no big deal. I’ve added cars before and had wrong color in system, but riders didn’t complaint because plates matched.