Passenger can't sit in front seat

Anyone else purposely put shit in their front passenger seat to avoid having people sitting up front with them?

Lol don’t want your weird ass upfront with me! Why are you trying to sit with me? Get yo ass back there! Lol - how I feel every time someone even attempts to sit up front with me.

It depends on my mood … but it’s usually young chatty females that do it lol but men need to sit in the back seat on the passenger side ! I will lock the door, roll down the window, and say the door is jammed get in the back :joy:

It’s dudes almost every time with me that try and are like o shit there’s stuff there lol :joy: Right I feel like they just wanna get close to me and I am not comfortable with that shit especially after reading real life horror stories about men groping drivers. Get Da furk in the back seat!

I keep my rider snacks and ice chest in the passenger seat. A guy tried to sit up front once, noticed all the shit he’d have to relocate, and just got in the back :joy::joy:

The only reason I want someone upfront with me is if they get sick from riding in the back or if they are part of a party of 4.

Yep I had a passenger that gets sick riding in the back so he was elated when I let him. He was really nice and tipped $10 so it all worked out

“Oh you can get in the back” “yeah, no , I prefer you get in the back” “Oh you like sitting up front? Me too? But you can get in the back.” “Only the back doors unlock. “

Yep but sometimes they’ll open the door and stand and wait for you to move shit…like really :angry::angry::angry: I’m going to start locking my front passenger door once I unlock the door for them to get in…good one.

Me personally I want them in the back, if they try me, guess who car crashing into a pole on the back passenger side :thinking::thinking::thinking::thinking: MINES! So sit in the back!

I like when people sit in front. I can watch their movement better and if anything happens your reaction is quicker than if they were behind you

If I order a ride as a paying Pax, I should be able to sit where I please. I’m paying for 4 seatbelts, let me pick which one I want to use. I normally sit in the back but if I wanted to sit in the front, then there shouldn’t be a problem. Our job is to drive. If you don’t want people sitting in your front seat, then you shouldn’t be subjecting yourself to that possibility by driving rideshare. How many times do you get 4 pax and one has to sit in the front. It should be available at all times in this business. As a driver, plenty of times single pax go for the front door, I’m fine with it. You ain’t doing no sneaky shit in the front seat. Plus in the front, you ain’t eating all the candy that’s visible in the back and at night you get disco lights in your face lol

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I keep trash on the floor and random personal stuff in the seat. Plus is pushed all the way up. I got three row SUV and folks still wanna try it. Just an empty fast food bag… bald up receipts… empty cups… a few items so when they open that door… 2nd thought about actually getting in the front…

I don’t do it purposely but I usually have my backpack that has all my stuff that I like to keep close. It does not deter people who are dead set on sitting in the front but I actually don’t care where these people sit. Just pay me.

I always joke that they are sitting in first class with me. It doesn’t matter to me as long as I am getting paid. I would knock a star off if all of the seats weren’t clear and ready, same with the trunk. I look at like a hotel room. You wouldn’t want to sleep in a bed that had the maid’s purse sitting on the bed.

To each his/her own…we are all independent contractors…you comfy with folks in the front great para ti…you not comfy with it…brava as well… personally my front seat is available with 3-4 passengers…other than that jump in the back…

I had one guy when I first started told me to give him a minute put his face to the back seats sniffed them then wanted to sit up front!! Something about new car smell! I felt uncomfortable cancelled and left his azz right there at Roosters on Cheshire bridge!!

It’s your vehicle so you do what you want, but perhaps this ain’t a job for you. You have to be able to accommodate every passenger at some point. Yes and that means allowing them to sit in the front seat…we are not cabs! :joy:

Just because ypur paying for a ride doesn’t give you the right to sot where you want, i done allow eating in my car either should you be able to eat also because your paying for a ride? My car not lyft or ubers car means my rules, my doors are electric, i open the back doors right before the reach my car, unless its an xl or pool sit in the back and be happy you even got a ride.