Out of gas and cant move this car

I am literally out of gas in Cummings :unamused:

I can’t move this car another inch…

I can’t believe this is happening to me right now

No I’m not broke, I have funds, & my car still runs …

But I’m coming off of 14hrs str8 and my last ride brought me allllllll the way here . I live 5mins from downtown :unamused:

I literally don’t have the energy to pull off :worried:

I’m scared to take a nap cause I’m scared I’ll wake up and it’ll be tomorrow :scream:

Call 511, they’ll give you 5 gallons. Ran out of gas on 400 one time and while I was arranging for someone to take me to a gas station a HERO unit pulled up. He emptied a 5 gallon can into my tank free of charge.

thank you for the suggestion tho I never knew they would help you with that I always wondered if you have to pay hero so now I know you don’t :blush:

Find Qtrip. Take nap. Did you get help? I live in Cumming and will help if you need it. You okay I can come meet you now. And this is why rideshare isn’t worth it.

I agree with finding a QT and taking a nap. Set your alarm for a couple hours out and get that nap in. I’ve had to do this on New Year’s Day because I was feeling the exact same way.

take a nap put on your alarm for about 1-2 hours. I was tired like that one time and was going to go to the gas station across from the light I stop at. woke up to the police knocking on my window at the light of the intersection. please take a nap

Get a quick power nap in sis at a safe spot like QT. Trap music will help that drive back though. Rap every lyric. that happened to me once. Thankfully I woke up before any po pos came.

What was it about Cumming today. I had a rider take me all the way up there this morning. Was mad asl cuz I didn’t get a ride back to civilization… Just like Alpharetta was the new Sandy Springs/Roswell cuz THEY were full. I didn’t realize how far Cumming is.

From my house in Cumming to downtown Atlanta is about an hour with no traffic. Everyone in Cumming is either working from home at that time or already downtown at work cause they left at 6. :joy: they take Marta to North Springs, then catch a ride. That’s a 56 dollar ride from the airport. Not that I priced it or anything. :joy:

unless y’all on break it’s some passengers need your help holla at me if u need a car to lease or something . Totally off base.

Happens to me all the time, go to Qt ( it’s a safe place ) and set the alarm on yo phone …you’ll be ok , say a prayer and trust in God’s protection of your life, and get a lil power nap in

Call the road service on your credit card! Ive found that AMEX gives the best or quicker road service! I smoke my weed the whole way back if I got to . Better then be high than be in a ditch :joy:

How did you get to 14 hours and the App didn’t prompt you to stop and take a break at 12 hours. It’s suppose to shut down for 6 hours on you. You must have turned it off at some time before the 14 hours.

I done got so much quality sleep in Qt and chevron parking lots. y the way I’m so glad u made it in safely. I just drove 10 hours straight to dc. I’m in my bed at this Airbnb. And goodness gracious I’m just about over driving !!!