Other passengers should learn manners

I was riding a Lyft line as a passenger over the weekend. Another couple was picked up not long after I was. Guy sat shotgun. I was sitting behind him. She got in & sat behind driver. Muttered some snide comment about having to get into the car on the traffic side.
We ride to their dropoff point. I’m minding my own business on my phone. Car stops. Guy gets out. Girl looks over at me, then opens her door & says ‘well I guess he’s not gonna move’.
I say ‘Excuse me?’
She says ‘You motherfucker make me get out into traffic!’
My reply: ‘Hey, li’l miss precious entitled. You’re in a LINE ride. And I boarded before you. Ask me politely like a normal person and I’d happily unbuckle my seatbelt & get outta the car so you can slide across & exit this side. But you didn’t. You just assumed and were rude. So go fuck yourself & learn some manners’.

Should have said it’s your dumb ass boyfriends fault he should have let you ride shotgun.

Equal rights means equal treatment. I wouldn’t move for a man. I almost never hold doors after I got yelled at for doing it once. Want all the rights, then you get all the responsibilities too.

I hold doors for men and women alike. I dunno. If I get to the door before another PERSON I hold the door. If they’re a bit further back and they have their hands full I wait with the door open.

Manners are always a good thing.

But I wouldn’t have moved for that woman either. Holding a door and completely disengaging from a seatbelt and standing up and out are completely different.

OH I LOVE IT!!! What did the driver say LOL I would of been dying laughing…I would of schooled that cheap bitch also

When I started yelling at her, he was all ‘hey no no no’ and after she’d left, I apologized to the driver and said that I don’t tolerate rudeness from anyone.

Not sure about Chicago but here in NY/NJ it is actually illegal for pax to enter or exit into the street side. Drivers need to know the law and take precautions.

Yes it’s always been the law in Chicago. I’ve seen taxi drivers get tickets for it. But I left Chicago many years ago

You would not have been in that situation if you had been a gentleman, you should not have expected her to ask to get out in your side, it should have been your idea. You were being a rude ass jerk to a female. So go duck yourself.

Wow. Nice opinion there, Buz. Rude-ass jerk for minding my own business in a public rideshare. Riiight.
You sir, however, are NOT entitled to take it upon yourself to attack me verbally. Quite the cunt, aren’t you!

Why was he rude? He doesn’t know her, why didn’t the guy she was with come over and open the door for her? I would have done the exact same thing. F her.

This post is a perfect example of why I refuse Line calls for over 3 months now unless the prime time is 100%+. Its really not worth it, the kinds of people and hassle you have to deal with.

Well guess ya should have been a psychic, and ya would have know this was going to happen and, ya could have got in behind the driver to begin with, then it would have all been cool… A women scorn is a butt-hole torn.

Your a driver and ordered a lyft line and I’m sure you told the driver you would leave a tip too…lmfao