Only thing that would hurt other drivers is 1 starring non-tippers

Majority of Uber riders don’t tip, but aren’t problematic hassles to deal with. Low ratings like that cause a driver to turn down an otherwise alright rider. Most Lyft riders don’t tip as well now, or tip the bare minimum. Uber’s karma for setting that trend in the industry will be never ending, so 1 guy working the system, not a big deal.

Also, don’t think I’ll be accepting any more uber pools during a surge anymore. Drivers are getting screwed by the extra low fares and they don’t calculate the rates properly during surges

This is all actually great advice. A couple of points are a bit too far but for the most part I agree with everything. Uber is a fraudulent company. They change things to inconvenience the driver and make the driver get the short end of the stick all the time.

Pax are paying pennies for these rides. And most of them are entitled trash honestly. It’s not really an inconvenience to get cancelled on. Ya it’s sooo horrible to have them wait another 5 minutes for the next Uber.

This is how you work the system. Every time Uber changes something you have to find out what you can get away with. By the way most of this stuff is not even against the rules if done correctly, most drivers are just scared to do these things.

It is not that we are defending uber. The rates are a joke. But I do stop short of doing anything that is borderline unethical. I am not going to accept the ride with the intention of cancelling.

Now am I going to act like I arrived when I am 3 minutes away so that the pax only has 2 min to get to me before I cancel. I have no prob wig drivers playing the surge game - that is fare in my opinion. As for me, I have been driving for about 8 months, but have not driven for the last month.

I don’t think that that’s true about the rating, I pick up everyone no matter what their rating is. I do agree with you on the trend Uber has set though. After 3300 rides, 10% of my Ubers tip, 40% on Lyft. Those are my averages over that many rides.

You’re the one who’s delusional, you’re clearly not looking at the bigger picture. These tactics are mostly within the boundaries of what’s already within the rules, we’re just stretching them to get an advantage. If you want to look for a rule breaker, look at Uber.

Furthermore, you think you’re the first one to scream bloody murder at me and threaten me? I’ve been threatened by dozens of entitled people like you, and guess what, even IF I get “busted” I will have no regrets.

You can’t get the 4 dollar if you aren’t the pick up at some point You as an “independent contractor” should be able to use your own discretion as far as how long you want to wait for a pax. What about pax who cancel on you a minute or 2 before you can get the cancelation fee. Is that fraud too?

Personally, I love it. It takes much of what I was already doing and adds to it. Cheers! Wish we still got cancellation fees here. Lots of self righteous pigs here want to complain but they never do ANYTHING to fight back. Good intentions don’t win wars. Fighting wins wars. +1 to the OP.

You don’t get cancellation fees?! What if some bloke doesn’t show up? If that were the case I would always insta call the rider and make sure they are ready to go. If not, cancel, move on. How can this work without cancellation fees?

To all the idiots giving the OP a hard time, please post your pay statements. I am willing to bet that you are losing money driving for Uber. You are Ubers wet dream. A mindless drone that will pay Uber to drive people LOL

That’s not at all what’s happening. I’m educating the public and having a good time, while making pretty decent money. Tax free mostly. If you looked at my income over the last year and compared it with yours, I’d be willing to be bet you’d wish you were me.

Look, I’m doing the best I can for me, while staying true to myself and my values. I am spending my time here, working to inspire and organize other drivers, to contribute to a grassroots revolt against the Uber establishment.

Again, it’s part of a larger strategy designed to undermine Uber. Uber clearly doesn’t respect us, they lie, steal, intimidate, break laws, and they take advantage of drivers. All people who have any serious experience as a driver will echo this view, so ask yourself, why are you attacking the ones being most wronged?