One fake story and it’s all over

Today I was reminded of no matter how great a driver you are, one fake story and it’s all over. I realized the truth that we don’t matter at all no matter what Lyft says no matter how many rides you have done, none of it matters, we are only here till driverless cars come online in a year or two, don’t kid yourself we are so damn replaceable.

It was so driverless cars malfunction and kill somebody we will be back. They will argue people malfunction and kill people, bottom line these are taking our jobs and there is nothing we can do about it.

Do not forget people made these machines. Also there are interventions, tech people, linguist and more that are drivers as well. Drivers had other titles too.

Always a while back man I can’t even think of his name but a bunch of like robots and I Wild Wild West scenario it was an original one. Then the robots kind of got out of control you know what I’m saying

Bottom line Machinery does fail. Some of the Riders I deal with in Queens I’m a city bus driver say they’re going to replace us with trolley cars and I said yeah and
Trolley cars were replaced in Brooklyn by bus

I’m just waiting for the newspaper headline that reads, “Prominent Businessman electrocuted by Robot Sex Doll”. lol

Yeh I’m getting one, but it sad that the company I love just kicked me in the gut, reminding me that I don’t make a difference.

Have you studied the infrastructure of this nation? Driverless cars are many years away dont worry. Also the cost of them doesnt really justify rideshare use.

Lyft thinks otherwise, they just partnered with Google which means this is on the fast track to get rid of drivers. Well my advice is don’t get comfortable as a driver, the end is very near, don’t be surprised when one day the driver app doesn’t work because the driverless cars are on the streets.

Google need to fix their navigation first, so it will not lead you to the dumpster. Literally. The last mile is always an issue. Always.

Whereas we know we can get them out of there but you know what like anything else let there be some casualties and you’ll see. You’ve got that right. Lyft considers a 4 rating to be bad. And the customer think it’s good.

Well having a great record doesn’t matter.
it is an awakening to the fact that despite what bs they feed you, they could care less about drivers and that is fact.

I hope i never go through this but you gotta understand. If there was allegations and they ended up being true. Lyft would be help responsible for allowing the driver to continue to drivr despite the issue. It sucks yes, but it can be overcome.

Well it shows that even with a great record, you are not valuable and can be gone in a second, sort of puts a bad tast in my mouth actually.

But they assume that you are guilty and punish you and you’re good record means nothing at all, guilty till proven innocent, I bet the pax got a free ride too. This is a real blow to me I used to rant about how great Lyft was for the drivers, now I feel really stupid, it’s all bs till they put driverless cars on the streets and then they can fire everyone.

Driving for either platform is supposed to be a side job.
Remember the more you rely on them, the more control they have of you.

If my local college town switched to driverless cars in the next two years, people would be hurt or be dead. There’s too many bicycles and pedestrians. A passenger and I were talking about it a few weeks ago and he said the earliest estimates for safety + efficiency for driverless cars was 2035.

Our service is not doomed, many people will refuse to get into an autonomous car. I know people that still refuse to get onto elevators.

Driverless cars are NOT going to take our “jobs”. Think about it. I live in Phoenix and it is estimated there are 14,000 to 16,000 active drivers here
You really think Uber and Lyft are going to put 16,000 dri verless cars on the road in just Phoenix alone? It’s not happening.

I didn’t start driving for recognition or pats on the back from uber or lyft. They are giant corporations and like many giant corporations we are just sheep. At least by driving we can work anytime we want. Be it 2 hours or 12, rain or shine, holidays or not. Change ur philosophy to I’m just doing this type of work for me. We don’t work for them. We work for ourselves