Once again I've been blessed by people who don't trust GPS technology

I use Waze which is fairly good about getting around town. But like my last PAX says, ignore what that says. It’s worng, I’m taking to take you my short route.
Waze 10mins
PAX short route 25mins
I’m so appreciative of all the Sunday Lyft / Uber Pax that feel they have to bless me today.

I had them do it during a surge last night. Even some of the guy’s friends were like, why are you having her go this way? :laughing:

Yeah, then they complain to uber or lyft for the route you took to get their ride refunded. And when you complain they serve back a canned response that if the pax has a route they would like to take you should take that route. When you message back that you did take the route they suggested, you get crickets.

Of course. The support you’re talking to is based in India, doesn’t speak English, and are simply plugging form letters. I had to throw a shitstorm just to get someone who spoke English. Conversely, Lyft support is a bunch of hipsters in downtown Nashville who totally ROCK at making things happen, and will never throw the driver under the bus

I was blessed on my last ride last night at bar close with a 45 minute drive thru stop before a 15 mile ride at 250% prime time. At $.50 per minute, I’ll wait all night, lol

I get that a lot and I let them ! , and more money for me !

Hope it wasn’t my route that they gave a price to instead of you getting paid by mile. Look for a fare review

I use Waze(only) too. And that happens to me all the time. I love when they want to go their own silly long way routes. Silly pax, tricks are for kids" :joy::joy::joy:

Now, I do appreciate when they give me directions out of a difficult apartment complex.

i love when they give me directions so i tell them if they know a better way to tell me, it always ends up longer lol

UBER has been in LA for years already. Pax know what’s up. They want you to take the “short” route that takes more time cause it’s cheaper and ends up screwing the driver!

Oh yeah,… I hate those kinda backseat drivers… I had one of those the other day. “His way” costed him an extra 15 minutes at least… I gave him 3 stars and told Uber about his attitude

Nah, u aren’t getting paid much more for taking longer! Do the math! Seriously! And, especially when they run the promos they have been a lot lately where y r trying hard to get a large number of rides in quickly to earn a big bonus, those “short cuts” are costing u a lot! But, sigh, customer is always right :slight_smile:

I had been using Waze, but a couple months ago it quit working. I uninstalled, reinstalled, contacted customer support. Everything! Won’t work. So now I just use the in-app Uber navigation. It’s ok. Not great. But i don’t have to toggle between uber and navigation and I like that aspect do much better!! And if people want to take me s different route it’s fine, as long as they are font insist on me hopping on the freeway to go over the Golden Gate Bridge to get from San Francisco to Brisbane!! And for those not in the Bay Area, that means the guy wanted me to go north when his destination was south! It was super bowl Sunday and he was VERY intoxicated!!

I started out with google maps, then switched to Waze because Lyft encouraged drivers to use it. But, again, I enjoy not having to toggle back and forth between apps! All-in-one means u don’t miss any requests while I still have a passenger in my car (if using google or Waze - both owned by Google, mind u, I missed rides because it wouldn’t ping in over top of an outside app). It worked fine for a while, until it didn’t. They upgrade the app every week and sometimes they adjust things that mess other things up! Like their new “redirecting u to a closer request”! I was 1 block from my customer when the app redirected me to someone “closer”, who was 15 blocks away!!!

Umm,… not, it’s NOT. But you’re entitled to your opinion

Probably not, but Google maps is definitely more streamlined, which I find to be more important. I don’t want to wade through menus while on a ride.

After they hear the lady on the GPS say, you are on the fastest route! How dumb of them, but I will go their way to get more money. Thanks