Omg! Tipping is coming from Uber!

It’s sad they had to push the CEO out in order get this done. I’d read an article that said he was literally the last road block. In the entire company. Smh. I think the whole company is about to change and possibly become profitable. I hope they get rid of pool next. Finally. Hopefully we will get this done in the next go round.

I get that but do you know how annoying it is to be in route to someone and they cancel? Or to be 2 mins away from them and they cancel? The 2 min cancellation policy should cut the annoyance level down greatly. I also believe Uber is doing this to force the passenger to be loyal to one service. Two minutes in some cases may not be enough time for a passenger to do a price comparison so they’ll have to quickly choose one over the other.

No More Unpaid Wait-times
You will earn a per-minute rate if you wait for a rider, starting 2 minutes after arrival. In the cities that they are doing this- unpaid wait time is 15 cents a minute.

I have always been loyal to Lyft. But I’ll still drive occasionally for Uber. I just love to drive. Uber will need more than just new leadership to survive their created firestorm. I’m pulling for them, but their future doesn’t look good at this point.

Tested for bugs just like any software release, it is released live to a limited number. Seeing that it will be available in all US cities by end of July is impressive. Coincidence that they are rolling this out a week after Travis’ leave of absence

If they made it all availa le at once, their system would crash. We older drivers have experienced system crashes where we receives no pings for hours

And TK is taking a 90 day LOA, they’re going to push this to every city by the end of July… before he comes back. It’s almost like they said “Is he gone yet? Great! Hurry up, we have a lot of work to do to turn this shit around! This needs to go live within 90 days!!” :joy::joy::joy::joy:

Everyone excited about the tips and I’m happier about that 2 minute window for cancelations :joy::joy:

About to make an extra 100 a week on cancel fees :joy::heavy_dollar_sign::heavy_dollar_sign:

This is me now :confused: I got a hookup on the snacks so figure I may as well put some in there for they greedy asses.

This would’ve saved that annoying entitled ass young couple I picked up in Buckhead asking me to stop at McDonald’s while it was surging 3am Saturday night. Actually it still wouldn’t have, don’t trust them to tip enough in that situation.

I’m cool on that. that’s more taxable income. I’d prefer they just start suggesting tips in the app, instead of saying that they don’t have to.

Furthermore, I have seen you guys get tips that are greater than the 5 and $10 that they put in the Lyft app. And it’s cash, so it’s tax free.

If they put in the app, of course I’m going to participate. However, it’s going to be income that’s going to be reported on your taxes, and it might be the end of these $20-$100 tips that people have been giving

I will be that, as long as you can’t say I’m wrong. I feel like if Uber just suggested tipping, and made their trip minimum for the drivers to at least $5, everyone will be perfectly happy

Furthermore, all the other changes that they’re making so far seem great. allowing you to cancel after 2 minutes, you get paid if you decide to wait after the two minutes, and they charge a rider if they cancel 2 minutes after requesting an Uber.

They are also offering driver protection insurance, and are willing to pay you more per mile if you use it to help you pay for it.