Obnoxious Rich Young People

For less than a taxi, we’re supposed to drive these ingrates in our personal vehicles. Plus, we’re supposed to provide entertaining banter, water, gum, mints, and an aux cable or BlueTooth so that these ingrates can blast their music. Uber is creating an unrealistic and inappropriate expectation in the riders by promoting the idea that riders can expect all the previously mentioned things. What Uber doesn’t do is educate it’s riders with reminder messages/emails about things like “if you use an aux cable play the music at a reasonable level and be respectful of the driver”, “you must comply with state laws regarding child seats” and “never attempt or ask to bring more riders than the vehicle can legally carry”.

I had last week, what looked like a very wealthy couple that needed to go from their home to the airport. They said they had requested an Uber driver that said he couldn’t find them and canceled, so they asked again and I got this ride, I didn’t have a problem finding the address. They were by then running late: they had NINE suitcases, 4 carry on bags and a little dog and a dog carrier. They squeezed everything and themselves into my C-Max and off we went. That’s right: 13 bags, a dog, two adults squeezed into my car. When we arrived (did a good job of maneuvering in traffic if I say so myself!) it was like a clown car emptying all these bags. (oh, of course, no tip.) Question: at what point is the passenger required to use the select service? Or are they not asked what type of vehicle they need to pick them up?

First of all if the dog wasn’t a service dog they would have had to order another uber i only take service dogs no other animals, i never expect a tip because most are too cheap to even offer one. I usually only help elderly or handicapped with their bags, loading and unloading is not part of my job description period.

No child seat no ride period, if they use the aux cord or radio and if they turn it up too high i turn it down if they do it again i unplug the cord or turn the radio off, my car my rules, i dont allow eating or drinking in my car period, i used to but got tired of picking up trash left by these people, i run across people trying to get more than 6 people in my car i flat out tell them to order another car for the extra people or if they give me a hard time i tell them to cancel the ride if they don’t i do, you are correct uber doesn’t educate these people or send them emails or messages about how their supposed to act like they do the drivers, i often get told well im following uber policies and i say thats great and they should but this is my car not ubers i have rules of my own while in my car if you dont i will and gave stopped at a safe place and ended the ride i dont have a problem doing that at all. Then i notify uber and explain the situation and why i did what i did, i also follow ubers policies up to a certain point.