Nothing has really changed on the deactivation policy

Your cancelation rate is trips canceled÷accepted. It matters not who canceled. From what ive been able to figure anything over about 50% would catch their attention, im not positive in that though. I’d expect that tjey will be be keeping a closer eye on this. Ratings, 4.6 seems to be the magic number. When they need get rid of drivers they usually use the bottom x% of whatever categories give them what they need. Nothing really changed other then tjey cant deactivate for acceptance %.

Yeah if you read it well this is an “at will” contract and at any time for any reason they can deactivate that is the meaning of “at will” any lawyer will tell you that

I understand that not much has changed, however, Uber has now put it into a “simple” policy which means they are documenting and communicating to the Drivers for when faced with a lawsuit they can reflect back on their policy.

The question isn’t if it is “At Will”… employment agreements for the most part can be “At Will”… but if you have a contract in place with stipulations of performance, you don’t have “AT Will”. We are a contractor providing a service.

Which I agree 100%… however, they are the ones trying to put a “simple” policy in place to make it easier for the drivers. However, based on what I am reading, it leaves more questions.

Taking a quick glance here I believe what you are getting at is that they are now letting you know why they are tossing you, probably with a warning but as others have said the metrics are the same. Many drivers were tossed wondering why, so that has or will change soon.

As long as you do your job you should be fine. Ratings issues they give you another chance, fraud and ADA issues they toss you on the spot. You are never going to be an employee, there is chatter on unionizing though.

The unknown metrics. It would be nice to see what my city’s metrics are since it is not universal. Plus There should be absolute transparency on all rating data… How many 1, how many 2, how mang 3 stars etc etc etc so we have a true picture of “perceived” performance.

So suppose Uber sends you a monthly ratings report and you see that in the last 500 rated trips you have 435 5-stars, 52 4-stars, 9 3-stars, 2 2-stars and 2 1-stars for a total rating of 4.832. How will this impact the way you drive?

This would show me that based on 52 4 stars i need to do a better job educating my passengers on the rating system and how it not only affects the driver but also how ratings work for passengers. If i see the 4 stars continue than its not the mesaage but something i am doing.

If they hear my message i should see less 4 stars. Then i need to figure out what i am doing on 3 and 2 stars. 1 stars clearly either i am an idiot or the simply hit a button. Not much i can do.

That is very true. Uber/Lyft don’t give much in the way of feedback for improvement. If a customer rates less than a 5, they should have to give a reason, either in a form of a comment or a checkbox.

I just got deactivated this morning for my cancellation rate. Which is bullshit, because ever since they came out with this policy I’ve only cancelled a handful of rides. I get emails about my acceptance rate every couple days but haven’t gotten anything about my cancellation rate in awhile.

I was under the old 20/28% contract. Some passengers cancelled on me but the majority were X rides that i cancelled. I typically get put into a 10 minute timeout at least 5-10 times a day lately.

In Oklahoma they took away our select only profiles a month or so ago. I make more money by taking one select ride every couple hours and ignoring the rest than I would by taking back to back X rides.