Not getting enough trips

Hello friends how are you doing!! I been driving Uber for more than 2 years and recently I noticed that I am not making that money which I used to make earlier when I started. Also even now a days when I look at my rating it’s significantly dropping down currently it’s 4.8. I heard someone saying that if you have low rating you won’t be getting that many trip requests more the rating more no of rides how does it make a difference. As far I’m concerned the dispatch works through the algorithm basis is it true due to low rating I am not getting enough pings.

Been one year for me. 4.95 rating. Some days are flat out slow. Most of time I still average $20 an hour week I week out. UBER/lYFT KEEP SIGNING UP DRIVERS BY THE THOUSANDS DAILY. I THINK THATS WHY IT IS GETTING TOUGHER TO MAKE A BUCK GETTING PINGED.