Not everyone wants a convo

My standard line is:
• How’s you’re day going?

If they respond with a very brief response I don’t progress further. But sometimes they light up and you can tell they’re interested in conversing.

If they ask about making a pit stop this is what you say:

• You give me a time and a place, I give you a five minute window. Anything happens in that five minute

If they don’t want to talk, enjoy your music on the radio. If you’re having problems carrying a conversation, take a night off every week and go to the local bar with about $20-30 in cash, sit at the bar, and bs with people. Worst case the bartender gives you a little tidbits to pick off of, best case you grow outside your shell and talk to other people.

I usually ask how their day is or was. Some will launch from there. Last night I could tell a few riders were going to or from Christmas parties. That was a good starter as well.

If the pax is on their phone texting or talking, leave them alone and just drive point A to point B, they don’t want to talk to you. Know when a pax wants to be left alone, that will boost your ratings.

Many pax do want to talk. Avoid religion, sex and politics. If they bring any of those topics up, just agree with them where you can and put up with it.
If they begin asking you the usual…How long have you been driving for Uber? Always answer, Just a few months. If they ask, How long have you been driving today? (Trap question) Always lie and tell them, Oh, I just started a few hours ago

Remember to many of these riders you are their servant. It’s a crap attitude for them to have, but that is what it is. You really owe them nothing but a safe, well navigated ride to and from, that’s it. If you are quiet by nature, just be quiet.

I usually say something about the weather. It’s a good icebreaker and gauge of social interest. Then dive right into radical politics.

The last thing your next pax wants to see is some open semi full water sitting in the back seat cup holder…or an empty one shoved in your door pocket or on the floor…water is a ratings buster and simply stupid.

I’m pretty social and enjoy chatting/listening. I just open a convo with one sentence - either a friendly question or a simple statement as we’re getting started. And if the pax continues great. If they make a pleasant or agreeable comment, but don’t reciprocate, then I bump the music up a notch and just drive.

There are definitely some conversations to say “I am not getting involved.” like the couple who decided to get a divorce in the back of my car. The dude asked me to side with him…ahhh, drunk passengers…

Don’t ever feel like you need to start a conversation. I might toss something out at the beginning of the ride to see if the passenger responds. But generally if a rider wants to jabber he/she will.

The most annoying ride will be the one where the passenger elects to sit in the front seat next to you then doesn’t say one word for the twenty mile trip.

Most drivers don’t talk at all anymore, so don’t worry about it. And forget any idea of giving free water, candy etc, if Uber want that they can dmn well pay for it.

LOL, it happens sometimes, passengers arguing politics and asking for your opinion! I bet the majority of Uber/Lyft drivers are Trump supporters by the way…Aaaaanyway, when I’m asked for an opinion I always ask “whose paying for the ride?..I agree with him”! It always gets a laugh.

The key is to listen and ask questions. You can say anything but, the first thing you want to say is how are you today?

I prefer not to talk but sometimes the steady silence between each other is awkward. Once they dive into the phone I shut up ASAP and drive.

I ask if they’ve been using [insert app name here] for long and if they’ve had good experiences with the drivers. If I get 1 word answers that’s my queue to be quiet, but usually they start telling a story and we go from there.