Not discriminating handicapped riders

Im a female a little over 5 ft. last night around 2am, i was notified. it was a bar with a guy in a wheel chair, who seemed very excited that i was a female he said i was his first female uber its usually men and asked if i would be able to help him and fold up his wheel chair. he was obviously intoxicated and i dont feel comfortable getting out the car ever, im the driver. i felt bad bc i didnt want him to think i was discriminating. i suggested he get another driver but i waited till the driver got there to make sure he got a ride and if that driver needed help i would be more than happy to help.

I had a little person who needed a boost up into my CRV and a lady with crutches. I had to help both into my car, but were fine once we arrived.

Don’t forget about the wolf in sheep’s clothing now days you got to look out for you because a mistake in judgement could really go bad . I’m a male driver and I check pax all the time especially in the drunk hrs .

I’m not an expert on Ada law by any means but I don’t think you can tell him to wait for another driver. In that situation I would have put on the hazards and shut off the car taking keys with me. It’d be the pax responsibility to get in the car (don’t want a lawsuit if I inadvertently injure him helping) and then put the wheelchair in back or trunk.

Uber has a special vehicle class for dealing with HC people, WAV I think. You should be able to refuse people in wheel chairs as your vehicle is not equipped for HC transport.

These seems like a very Uber way to handle it, do everything half assed instead of actually helping the person. If you aren’t equipped or capable of dealing with HC pax then don’t take the ride.

Electric or foldable doesn’t change the fact that the PAX is HC, if your vehicle isn’t equipped (special grab handles, etc.) and you don’t feel capable of taking the passenger then don’t accept the ride.

I don’t disagree that it’s a half-assed approach. I’m making the assumption that I can’t decline the ride under ADA laws and that I’m not handicapped equipped. I’m very focused on liability limitation, see my other posts around incorporation and insurance.

I will say this, some of my late night drunk pax are almost as incapable of walking as someone in a wheelchair but at least they can manage to fall into the back seat without any assistance (other than gravity). On the other hand I would in no way be capable of lifting a 300# disabled person in and out of my car without assistance mechanical or otherwise.

Look, handicapped people who take Uber do it all the time and know exactly what they’re doing. I picked up a young guy at his home a few weeks ago and it was a piece of cake. He did ask me to pull around the side of his house into the driveway to load him in.

I don’t think the ADA even applies to services like Lyft and Uber, ADA regulations specify ‘public transportation’ like trains/buses/etc. Wouldn’t Uber be considered private for-hire transportation? Unless you specifically market yourself as Acessible transport you aren’t required to comply with the ADA.

My advice to drivers would be to just say no. If you are going to do it make sure you have a dash cam that captures the back seat area so if something happens you have video to back you up. Also check your insurance policy and make sure it covers HC passengers. If you think Uber has your back, think again, they will throw it back on you, guaranteed.

Last week I had a HC she was unable to get in my truck by herself so I had to lift her in. I kind of feel that’s above and beyond my UberX pay scale. I’ve taken 10 blind PAX on trips always easy peasy but when I have to lift someone in I think that’s where I draw the line

es, pax are strictly no-touch freight, you aren’t getting paid to load and unload. She could charge you with sexual assault should a hand slip and something goes where it shouldn’t.

You don’t, that would be discrimination. They aren’t asking for anything. You’re supposed to take personal belongings whether a wheel chair, ADA dog, guitar, luggage, groceries. Not furniture, moving boxes, pets, bikes but just about anything else.

This has already been discussed and you will get tossed if you either don’t take them or don’t wait for another driver to take them. Not sure why some people have an issue? There are at least two cases on it and the ADA is run by the DOJ so good luck on winning them. Travass took a stand and has tossed drivers. Every dime counts I guess with him.

Geez, those are for pax who do not get out of wheelchairs or who need assistance. I’d say none of the pax expect you to help them. If you find someone who does you need to explain you are not that kind of service and they need to cancel and order the right transportation. They have an account and know all of this, apparently some drivers here don’t.