No text or call from Pax and the ride gets cancelled

This has become my policy exactly within the past several weeks after being screwed over several times by riders well over a mile away from the place indicated. If I get a text or call from the rider telling me I’m in the wrong location and asking me to pick them up somewhere else, I will do so but I start the meter from the point they sent me to begin the ride once I begin to drive to their actual location. It’s the only time I’ll start the meter before the person gets in the car.

I cancel and move on. Sure as hell ain’t chasing pax around for a net $2.40. If they can’t figure out how to use the app I always got somebody waiting who does.

I’ve driven for 20 minutes, arrived at the location, waited, texted, called and waited some more only to have the person then cancel the ride and then Uber has me on the cancellation. This has happened on several occasions.

Unless the passenger decides to have you help him by giving you a 1 star rating and perhaps complaining to Uber. How much did you make on that extra half mile you had the meter running?

I don’t know if I’d cancel a ride on a 300 lb drunk pig farmer in Wichita or a right wing skin head patriot hiding in Ks. for $5. They probably know who you are and you know, could take it personal and all that. I’ve gotten into bar fights for a lot less $.

Miss the point much? It wasn’t about how much I made. It was the fact that I even called and confirmed that the pax was at the address they pinged me to. The riders screw us on ratings anyway, especially the late night drunks, which is all this market supports right now anyway.

No biggie there. If Uber wants to deactivate me over it, so be it. I will probably be better off not adding mileage and devaluing my luxury class vehicle.

I understood what your point was and why you did what you did. I think you missed MY point. It doesn’t matter whether you called and confirmed the address. It doesn’t matter if you are “justified” in starting the App at the wrong address.

All that matter to Uber is what they think is correct and what the customers complain about. Just because you were justified in starting the App early won’t matter to Uber…and to many entitled passengers.

As far as I’m concerned, I didn’t start the app early. As I mentioned, I called the pax a second time once I arrived at the ping location that I knew was going to be wrong.

But you WILL unfortunately learn that the UBER business model sucks any enthusiasm to do the best for clients. Uber refuses to recognise that fair payment for your service will allow you to provide great service to riders.

You missed the point. Scabing $5 for a cancellation fee in a smallER town can come back to haunt you. Even in a big town. Some people take it personal.

Why is everyone blaming the pax for the pin drop ? Isn’t the pin drop supposed to locate u by GPS and that’s how the pin drop is determined ? There’s been a couple of times that the pax location was wrong and I think that’s the app to blame. I had real sober customers when this happened.

The PAX has to hit the locate feature on the app every time they have moved the map around looking to see what’s available. If they just move it back to what they think is their location, it’s guaranteed to be off, so it happens frequently.

The passenger is responsible for determining their own location. If they don’t know the address where they are…then they ask someone. If they are going to rely on the GPS in the App then it’s their responsibility to look carefully at where the GPS says they are and make sure it’s correct before asking a driver to go there.